TWD Season 4: Episode 4, Indifference (Recap)


Lot of good stuff happened this episode. Let’s get to it with the recap of the “Indifference” episode.

#1: Beginning/Rick’s Discovery 

Carol and Lizzie have a talk. She tells Lizzie that she is going on a run with Rick to look for more food. Lizzie asks if Daryl is going to die. Carol tells her that he had to go far away to get the meds and bring them back. She tells Lizzie they will be back soon. Lizzie says, “Nobody has died yet. I think a lot of people are going to die. That’s what always happens. Makes me sad but, at least they get to come back.” Lizzie means that the people who die always come back as walkers. Carol responds, “Lizzie, once they come back people aren’t who they were.” Lizzie goes on to say, “Yeah? But they are something. They are someone. I’m little now. If I don’t die, I’ll be big. I’ll be me. But I’ll be different. That’s how it is.” Yeah Lizzie is kind of messed up in the head. Poor kid.
Then Carol goes on to say, “We all change. We all don’t stay the same way we started.” She tells Lizzie its more complicated than that. Lizzie tells Carol that she told her that she was weak. Lizzie isn’t weak now. She is strong. She says to Carol, “So I am telling you what I think.” Carol asks Lizzie what she should when she is faced with danger. Lizzie answered her with “Run as fast as I can.” Carol adds, “You run and run until your safe. And if its your life or your sister’s life, you can’t be afraid to kill. You understand?” Lizzie replies with yes. Carol tells Lizzie that she is strong and that she will live. She adds, “You, me, and your sister are going to survive. Know it.” She asks Lizzie where is her knife. Lizzie lifts up her shirt and shows it to her. Carol says to put her t-shirt behind it so she will able to get to it quickly. Lizzie replied, “Yes mom. I mean ma’am.” Carol told her not to call her mom. Lizzie called her mom by accident. I guess that made Carol a little bit uneasy.
Carol asks Lizzie, “What is it?” Lizzie says, “I’m not afraid to kill. I’m just afraid.” Carol tells her that she can’t be afraid. “How?” Lizzie asks. Carol answers her back with, “You fight it and you don’t give up. And then one day you just change. We all change.”
As Rick gets ready for the supply run, he decides to go back to Cell Block A to retrace Carol’s steps when she killed both Karen and David. He realizes that Carol killed them in their beds while they were still alive. She killed each one of them with her knife and dragged their bodies outside from Cell Block A. Then she burned them. So they didn’t die from the virus symptoms and turned. But why would she kill them while they were still alive? He goes back to the car and opens up his knife bag. He notices that one of his knifes is missing. Carol took one of Rick’s knifes and used it to kill Karen and David. I don’t understand why Carol changed. I know there is a reason for it. Carol is still a caring person. Maybe she was fed up with it. Maybe she felt if she killed Karen and David who were the first ones who were sick with the virus she would stop the issue. But it will only cause more problems for her. She has to live with that guilt for as long as she fights to stay alive. I think Rick is going to get the to bottom of this and ask Carol why she did it.
#2: Back in the Woods/Most Awkward Car Ride Ever: Carol & Rick 
Meanwhile back at the woods, Tyreese washes his shirt covered in walker blood in the river. Michonne says that the school is still miles away. Bob says that they need a new ride. Tyreese is certain that his sister and everyone else that is sick is dead. Bob just tells Tyreese to keep on moving. Tyreese feels like if they keep on moving it won’t solve anything. People will still die. That is not the type of positive mentality to have there dude.
Carol and Rick are in the car heading to some places to look for supplies. Carol told Rick that Maggie wanted to come. Rick told her that someone had to stay behind and keep watch of the others. Carol then says, “Someone you trust you mean.” I kind of understand why Rick took her along for the supply run. In a way he doesn’t trust her staying back at the prison, but at the same time, he  wanted her to come so he could have a heart to heart chat with her.  I think Rick was going to ask Carol the reason behind her killing two people in cold blood. It would have been different if they were walkers. But she killed them in their sleep. How can she justify herself for the actions she took?
Carol explains to Rick the reason why she killed them:
“They would have drowned in their own blood. They were suffering. We needed the bodies to be gone. We needed it to stop it from spreading. They were the only ones that were sick. They were a threat. I was trying to save lives. I had to try. Somebody had to.”
Rick responded from Carol’s explanation with, “Maybe” as they head into a neighborhood a few miles out. So Carol killed them so she could stop the virus from spreading. That didn’t work out too good because there are more people sick now. I don’t think she was trying to save lives. I think she was trying to play the leader role since Rick took a break from it. I don’t know if I believe her.
#3: Michonne & Daryl/Carol & Rick
Back out in the woods, Michonne notices Daryl picking up a piece of Jasper. She jokes with him and says that the rock is a good color and it brings his eyes. Daryl told Hershel to keep an eye out for jasper so he could use them as markers. Michonne asked Daryl, “You know all of them back there?” Daryl answers, “Stay in one place for a couple of hours, you’d be surprised what you pick up.” Michonne seemed to be kind of annoyed at the fact that Daryl keeps bringing up about her not being around the prison lately. Maybe he is a little bit upset that he didn’t go with her to search for The Governor. Maybe Daryl likes Michonne. Who knows?
Carol and Rick are looking for meds (and food) in abandoned houses until Daryl and the crew come back with the antibiotics. This will help the people who are sick greatly. Making Hershel’s job a little bit more easier.
#4: Crew Finds a New Ride???/Carol & Rick Starting the Supply Run
Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese make it to a service station. They find a mini-van underneath some shrubs. Daryl tries to hotwire the mini-van but notices it needs a battery. So they start to look for more cars around the service station. They all start to cut down some shrubs. Tyreese is going HAM on cutting the shrubs. Daryl tells him to slow down. Then a walker hand came out of the shrubs to  reach out for Daryl. A walker grabbed Bob by the neck. He screams “HELP!” as always. Bob is really starting to irk my nerves. You have a gun at least. Use it! Michonne killed the walker who had Bob by the neck. Another walker had Tyreese caught up in the shrubbery. Then Tyreese got a tight grip on the walker. Daryl and Michonne is telling Tyreese to let the walker go, but he doesn’t listen. He pulled the walker out of the shrubs. The walker is basically on top of him. Daryl pulls the walker off of Tyreese. Bob finally uses his damn gun and kills the walker. Michonne asks Tyreese, “Why in the hell didn’t you let go?” Tyreese is acting more irrational than usual. Could it be that he is showing signs of turning in to a walker? Did he get bit while that massive walker kill he did before he made it to the woods?
Carol and Rick enter into a house to start looking for supplies. A walker comes down the stairs towards Carol’s way. Rick yells Carol’s name and pulls her back as the walker falls down the stairs. As the walker is lying on the floor, Carol gets out her knife (Rick’s knife) and stabs it in the head. While Rick looks on, he now knows that Carol took his knife. I wonder if Rick is going to let Carol know that one of his knives are missing.
Rick raises his gun as he hears the upstairs door crack open. Two people come out. A couple. Their names are Ana and Sam. Ana says to Carol and Rick that they have fruit. Sam added that they have pecans and peaches. Sam throws a piece of fruit down to Carol and Rick to catch. They just watched it fall to the ground. I wouldn’t trust those two random strangers either throwing me a piece of fruit. I just hope Rick doesn’t take them back with them to the prison. I would get really mad if he did that.
Carol asked Sam how he got his shoulder hurt. Rick is just listening and observing for now. Sam starts to explain,”The greenhouse around the corner.” Ana adds, “We were looking for a place to crash. The roof’s been breaking out so we have been getting a lot of rain. So its full of fruit. We were there about a day and the skin eaters showed up.” Sam continues with a laugh saying, “Killjoys man. Jacking it up for the whole world. I thought everyone was an asshole before all this went down. Now I love people. People who are alive.” He goes on to further explain how he hurt his shoulder: “They were coming in through the door. I tripped crawling out the other side. I pulled the glass out, but — my shoulder, it still hurts like a bitch!” Carol tells Sam that his shoulder is dislocated. Ana asked Carol if she could fix it. Carol tells Sam to lay down on the table. She pops his shoulder back into place.
Rick asked Sam, “After the greenhouse, you came here?”He told Rick yes. Sam added, “We thought it was clear. We missed the deadie and the PJ’s so we dove into the bathroom.” Rick asked them how long were they in there until they showed up. The young man said they had been out there for two days. Carol says, “There was just one, you could have had guns.” Ana replied with “We have a gun but we only have 12 bullets. It takes about 5 or 6 just to bring one of those down.” Awwww how lovely! Carol asked, “But you have knives?” Sam says, “To what? Stab it in the head?” Carol looked at them with that ‘You’re kidding me right?” look saying, “Yeah.” Wow they didn’t know they could kill walkers by  just stabbing them in the head. I just don’t know what to say about that.
Sam told Rick and Carol how him and Ana got separated from their crew from about a week ago. They were at a Refugee Center. Ana’s leg was hurt from people trampling over her when a fire took place there. Ana said that Sam saved her life. And they have been together ever since. Ana’s leg hasn’t healed up right from her incident. Rick asked them where they were headed next.  Sam tells Rick, “We just keep moving. We haven’t been waiting on places to go bad. Its getting a little bit old.” He points to his shoulder. Ana says,”You guys look alright. What’s your set-up look like?” Rick says, “Skin eaters. We call them walkers.” Rick starts to ask his three questions to Ana and Sam (#1: How many walkers you’ve killed? #2: How many people you’ve killed? #3: Why?) I think Rick is considering bringing those people back to the prison with them. Please don’t do it.
#5: Meanwhile Back at the Service Station 
Daryl and Bob managed to find their way inside the service station to look for a battery to put in the car so they can make their way to West Peach Tree Tech. Daryl finds a battery. He looks at it to see if it is still good to use. Bob tells Daryl that the battery cells look pretty dry. Daryl tells Bob that water was used on the battery and it will clear right out. So he tries to find some water so he can salvage the battery and make it work.
Michonne and Tyreese are clearing out the shrubs where the mini-van is. Michonne tells Tyreese on what happened earlier, “You should have let him go.” Then Tyreese goes off on Michonne saying, “The hell you know about it huh? You a damn expert!?!” Michonne tells him no. She then tells Tyreese that she just doesn’t want to see him die. She asks him, “Is that what you’re trying to do?” You even know what you’re trying to do?” Michonne continues on saying, “I know you’re pissed. You have every reason to be. But anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.” Tyreese asks Michonne if she is still angry about The Governor and what he did. Michonne tells him, “If he was here right now, I’ll cut him in two. ‘Cause that’s how it needs to be. But I’m not angry. I was.” Tyreese asks her, “Then why are you still looking for him?” She answers Tyreese saying, “I don’t know.” Then they both started back clearing the shrubs away from the mini-van.
Michonne was only trying to help Tyreese get a control of his anger. But I know deep down inside the reason why she is continuing her search for The Governor. To seek her revenge. Of course she is still angry. But she isn’t letting her anger corrupt her like what it is doing to Tyreese. I did say that he may show signs of turning into a walker. Maybe I was wrong about that. Tyreese maybe is blinded by anger for what happened to Karen and David. Plus he is worried about his sister. He needs to calm down. What Michonne said was right. Anger will make you do stupid things and may harm your life. At the same time, I feel it isn’t Tyreese’s business to know why Michonne is still hunting The Governor. If he understands what The Governor did, then that should be enough.
Back inside the service station, Daryl noticed some puke on the ground as well as a jug of antifreeze laying right beside it. He says, “Those douchebags on the vines took themselves out. Holding hands. Kumbaya style.” Ah, Daryl you crack me up! Bob adds, “They wanted to go out together, same as they lived. That makes them douchebags?” Daryl responds, “It does if they could have gotten out.” Bob tells Daryl, “Everybody makes it. Till they don’t. People nowadays, dominoes. What they did maybe is not about watching them fall.” Daryl sarcastically answers with “Riiiiight.” Yeah I ain’t believing a word Bob says. Because you sir should have died at the Big Spot! instead of Zach. What he said pretty much confused me.
Daryl got some water and told Bob to come on. Bob noticed an older man walker laying underneath the table. Bob shines his flashlight on a board that was full of pictures of the older man with some other people. He may have owned the service station. The people that was with him were probably his employees. It may have been his family. Bob gets a sharp object and stands over the older man walker. He stabs the walker in the head killing him. So now you want to kill a walker while they are lying down instead of when they are in your face?!?! You are a complete douchebag yo.
#6: What is Carol Doing? 
Carol tells Rick that they got what could from the house they went into. She tells them they can move on. Sam asked Rick if him and Ana passed his three questions test. Rick tells them where they are at (Ah, damn you Rick and your compassionate heart!). He told Sam and Ana if they come back with them they can’t guarantee their safety. He tells them about the flu and how bad it is. Carol tells them that they have lost a lot of people from it including kids. Ana asks Carol, “Yours?” She answered, “No thank God.” Rick looks at her like she’s crazy. She completely forgot about her own daughter Sophia turning into a walker. Rick had to end up shooting her when she came out of the barn at Hershel’s place. How could she just do that? Then she goes on to say, “One of my girls, she’s got it.” Ana apologizes to Carol. She tells her that her girl is strong and that she will make it. When Lizzie accidentally called Carol mom, she told her not to call her that. Now she is claiming both Lizzie and her sister Mika as her kids? What the crap is Carol doing? But just forgetting about her own biological daughter is cold blooded.
Sam asks a dumb question: “You got fences and walls?” Rick nods his head to him and Ana. I would have said no we don’t. The walls and fences are made of styrofoam so no one can get in. Not even walkers. I would have told them both not to come just for that raised question alone. Sam said, “We’re in!” Ana adds, “Yeah, whatever you need us to do.” Rick has heard that before. He doesn’t trust them.
Rick tells the two to hold tight and they could come back to get them before it gets dark. They still need to check houses for supplies. Carol tells them they could help sweep the neighborhood for supplies. What the hell? Ana agrees that she could help do that. She suggests that she could go back to the greenhouse to see if there is more fruit. Sam told Rick and Carol he could do house sweeps as well. Rick says, “I appreciate the offer, but your shoulder is barely —” Sam tells Rick that as long as he doesn’t put too much weight on it he will be fine. Ana also tells Rick that even though her leg hurt, she is pretty fast. Rick is like nope. Y’all just wait here. I’ll take ya’ll back to the prison later. Sam replied with, “We won’t take any chances. We’ll look. And if its cake, we’ll do it. If its not, we’ll just roll. I mean you don’t look so good yourself man. You a righty or lefty?” How dare he tells Rick Grimes that! How dare he asks if Rick Grimes is righty or a lefty! Rick Grimes doesn’t stand for that crap!
Carol tells Rick if Ana and Sam help them it will cover more ground. The sooner they will get back the the prison. If I were in Rick’s shoes, I would be like: “I don’t trust Carol anymore. She stole my knife and killed two people. I still have to deal with her on that. I don’t trust these two new people sweeping houses for supplies because they may steal something that we actually would need to use. I don’t know if I would even want to bring them back to the prison. I just want to sweep these houses, leave these two people, and go back to the prison. But noooooo! Things are not always easy. They have to be so damn complicated. Being Rick Grimes sometimes suck! Why did I pull Carol out of the way from that walker that was rolling down the stairs? Arrgh!” It would be really difficult being leader during a zombie apocalypse. It would just be difficult surviving a zombie apocalypse. You wouldn’t know who to trust and there is always new people popping up that you have to question if there reasons are clear.
Sam tells Rick, “You can’t carry us like that man. It doesn’t work that way.” “Please, we want to help.” says Ana. Rick both gives them guns and tells them to fire a shot. They will come and get them. Rick tells them to be back at the house in two hours. He gives Sam his watch just to make sure they come back to the house in time. So they start sweeping houses for supplies. I don’t know what Carol is trying to do. Show Rick that maybe she can be a better leader than him? But that was just weird.
#7: Bob & Daryl, Cigarette Moment 
While Daryl is putting the battery in the car, he asks Bob to tell him about the group that he was in. Bob asked which one. I guess he’s been a lot of groups. Bob says, “You know when you found me out in that road, I almost kept walking.” Daryl asked him why. Bob told him,  “‘Cause I was done being a witness. Two times, two different groups. I was the last one standing.” Really? That’s funny! “Like I was supposed to see it happen, over and over. Like its some kind of curse. But when its just you out there in the quiet. Used to be I’d drink a bottle of anything so I could shut my eyes at night. Take you to prison, the people, thought it be easier,” Bob told Daryl.
Bob admits that the run to the Big Spot! he did it for himself. Daryl says to Bob, “You got the keep busy.” Bob tell Daryl, “No. I did it so I could get me a bottle. Of anything. I picked it up, held it in my hand, and I put it down.” He didn’t actually put the bottle down. Bob was about to “put the bottle down” into his little bag. He goes on to say, “I put the bottle down so hard that I took the whole shelf with it. That’s what brought on the walkers, and that’s what got Zach killed.” So Bob thinks that confessing this all to Daryl will make things better for him? To wipe his slate clean? He should have just stayed his ass back at the prison that day. Daryl tells Bob that what he is saying is bullshit. He tells him to try to hotwire the car to see if it will start. The car starts. Daryl whistles Michonne and Tyreese over so they can all get in the mini-van. Daryl told Bob, “Sasha and I picked out that spot. We took you with us. Ain’t no way anyone would have known. You won’t be staying in that long. Not no more.” What does Daryl mean? Anyway they got another ride, and all four of them continue their journey to the college to get the meds.
#8: Rick and Carol Sweeping Houses 
As Rick and Carol continue to sweep houses, he asks her if it was right to bring Ana and Sam back with them. Carol answers Rick saying, “It was the humane thing to do.” Rick asks her again, “But did you think it was right?” Carol says, “Look at us. We’re digging through drawers hoping that a couple of cough drops and some disinfectant might be the difference between dying and living a couple more hours. If they are strong enough to help us survive this thing, then yeah. I think you made the right call.” Rick tells Carol, “If they’re not —” Carol tells him, “Let’s hope they are.” She goes on to say, “I killed two people and you haven’t said a word about it.” Rick tells her, “What do you want me to say?” Carol responds, “Its not about what you say, its about facing reality. It always comes for us and over and over again. We face it so we can live.” Rick says, “So we can live?” Carol tells him, “That’s right! That’s what it comes down to. You can be a farmer Rick. You can’t just be a farmer. You are a good leader. Better than what I gave you credit for.” “I never murdered two of our own,” Rick states. Carol says, “Just one.” The one person she is referring to is Rick’s buddy Shane. Rick tells Carol that Shane was going to kill him. He defended himself. Carol tells Rick, “So were they (Karen and David). They were going to kill all of us.” Rick says to Carol, “You don’t know that.” Carol then says, “If it were Judith or Carl would you done it then or you would have just gone back to your crops and hope that it will all be okay? You don’t have to like what I did, Rick. I don’t. Just accept it.” I wouldn’t accept the fact that Carol killed two people. Plus she brought a little ultimatum to Rick revolving around Judith and Carl just so she could justify with what she did is right? That’s just a lame move.
#9: West PeachTree Tech/Carol & Rick
Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese make it to West Peach Tree Tech. They start to look for the Veterinary building where the antibiotics are being held. They made it to the building and start to looking for the meds. As Michonne gets some med supplies, she sees Bob at a far distance getting something. She suspects some weird and rather dumb behavior. Bob runs off somewhere.
Carol tells Rick about going to sweep the houses across the street. Rick tells her to hold up. He sees some tomatoes to get to take back to the prison. Rick asked Carol if Hershel taught her how to pop shoulders back in place. Like what she did to Sam. She said she learned from the internet. Apparently she fell down the stairs so many times, that she popped her shoulder, and from the miraculous learning tool of the internet she could pop hers back into place. She then stared to talk about her husband Ed. Her husband used to abuse her. She didn’t understand why she thought she was happy being in a relationship like that. She didn’t realize how strong she was. But evidently she did become stronger. Rick didn’t understand why she doesn’t say her daughter’s name anymore. She answered saying, “She’s dead, Rick. Sophia. Ed. Somebody else’s slide show.” Rick tells Carol, “Some mornings, I wake up expecting Lori to be there. Reminding me to pick up Carl after school or telling me breakfast is ready. Every Sunday she would make us these pancakes that were just God awful. Lots of flour. They weren’t mixed in right. Thing was she knew it was bad.” Carol asked Rick, “Why she keep at it?” Rick answered, “She wanted us to be the kind of family that eat pancakes on Sundays.”
Rick and Carol noticed a basket of fruit laying on the grass. They followed the trail and it lead to a fence door. Ana’s leg from was lying right beside the door. As Rick opened the door, two walkers are eating her body. Carol tells Rick that they should get back to the house. Sam may be waiting for them.
#10: Making A Way Out 
Back at West Peach Tree Tech, Michonne and Bob are looking for the antibiotics. Bob tells Michonne anything that ends with “cilin” or “cin” is what they need to get. Daryl and Tyreese got the medical supplies. Michonne and Bob got the meds. They start to make their way out of the buliding and passed some walkers in a room nearby. Everyone makes a run for it.
The crew make it to pitch black room. Bob tells Tyreese that the door is busted. They used something to keep the door shut. All of a sudden Michonne noticed walkers coming out of one of the door. The door had a simple lock on it. Daryl asked how many were there. She wasn’t sure. Tyreese told them that they can take them. Bob said, “NO! They’re infected! Same as back at the prison. We fire at them, get their blood on us, breathe it in — We didn’t come all this way to get sick!” Who the hell told you was the damn leader of the crew? This is why I said Bob should have died at the Big Spot! He should died when they got out the car. Michonne shouldn’t have saved him when that walker was grabbing at him by the neck. He is starting to irk my nerves. I am starting to wonder how he was the only survivor from the two groups that he was in. He might have killed them all. I would rather fight my way out than to say in there scared of being infected. Bob is being a little bitch. Tyreese tells Bob, “How do you know that those people in there aren’t any different?” Michonne says, “We Don’t.” Daryl says,”Well its gotta change sometime.” He brakes off the lock to start killing walkers to make a way out of the building. Walkers are coming behind them as they are killing the ones in front of the doorway. Another walker killing spree starts. The crew made their way up the stairs hoping that would be their way out.
#11: Where’s Sam?/Back at West PeachTree Tech/Daryl Gets Pissed Off
Rick and Carol are back at the first house they swept waiting for Sam to come back. Carol knows its been too long. Rick wanted to wait a little bit more longer just in case if Sam comes back. Carol says to Rick, “He might be fine. He really might be. But it doesn’t matter. Because he’s not here and we have to go.” She tells Rick that the watch he gave Sam was a nice watch. I think Rick was hoping Sam would come back so he could get his watch.
Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are fighting their way out of the building where they got the meds and med supplies. A sea of walkers are coming their way. They have no exit in sight. Tyreese uses a fire hydrant to break a window so they can jump out of. It the was the only way to get out. Everybody (Michonne, Daryl, and Tyreese) jumped out of the window and onto the scaffolding with no problem. Then you have Bob who jumps out of the window, stumbles, and has his bag with hanging in front of large group of zombies. Half of the meds are in that bag. He tries to hold on the bag as best he could. Tyreese, Michonne, and Daryl tell him to let the bag go. Bob just doesn’t want to listen and keeps holding on to the bag. He manages to hold on to the bag and flings it back up to the scaffolding. That freakin dummy! Daryl gets to Bob’s bag. I think he was supposed to have the meds in there. But instead there was a bottle of liquor. Dude! Why did they take that dude with them?
Daryl is pretty much pissed off right now. He asks Bob, “There are no meds in your bag? Just this?” You should have kept walking that day.” As Daryl was about to throw the bottle of liquor away, Bob holds his gun by his holster and tells him not to throw it. So he was going to shoot Daryl over a bottle of liquor? He has got some mental issues. That’s probably happened to the other members of his group. He found some liquor instead of getting some supplies that they really needed. They try to throw the liquor out. Bob shoots him. He is such a dumb ass yo.
Daryl gets right into Bob’s face. Tyreese tells Daryl to let it go. Bob has already made his choice. But Daryl isn’t the kind of dude to walk away from someone who threatens to shoot him. He was about to throw Bob’s ass to the walkers. Tyreese then adds, “There is nothing that you could do about it. You just have to let it go.” Daryl let Bob go. Bob says, “I didn’t want to hurt nobody. It was just for when it gets quiet.” Daryl gives him the bottle of liquor and tells him, “You take one sip before those meds get into our people, I will beat your ass to the ground. You hear me?” Bob is so selfish. He’d rather help his addiction than to actually save people’s lives. We shall see how long you last buddy.
#12: Rick and Carol Head Back to the Prison/The Crew Heading Back to the Prison
As Rick and Carol pack up he took a glimpse of Carol with his knife in her holster. Rick told Carol, “They might have lived. Karen and David. They might have lived. And now their dead. That wasn’t your decision to make. When Tyreese finds out, he’ll kill you. He damn near killed me over nothing.” Carol tells Rick that she can handle Tyreese. Rick further goes on to say, “When the others find out, they won’t want you there. And if they don’t make it back, if everybody dies, if this thing [virus], and if its just the two of us. With Judith and Carl — my children, I won’t have you there. Carol says to Rick, “Its me. No one else has to know. You were done making decisions for everyone.” Rick tells her, “I’m making this decision for me.” Carol says, “I could have pretended that everything was fine, but I didn’t. I did something. I stepped up. I had to do something.” Rick told her that she didn’t have to do anything. Carol tells Rick, “You think I am going anywhere without Lizzie and Mika.” Rick states, “You want them to leave? To go out there with you? Lizzie is sick. Mika is 10 years old!” Carol is telling Rick that he can’t just let her go without taking them. Rick tells her that the group will keep Lizzie and Mika safe. Rick says to Carol, “You’re not that woman who was too scared to be alone. Not anymore. You can start over. Find others. People who don’t know. You’re gonna survive out here. You will.” Carol tells Rick maybe she will survive out there. So will Rick tell everyone what Carol did or will Carol be the one to confess that she killed those two people? Apparently not. Rick is telling her to leave and start over.
Michonne and Tyreese try to figure out the fastest way to get back to the prison. Daryl sits in the front of the mini-van holding the piece of jasper that he found in the woods. Bob is outside the mini-van smoking a cigarette. Probably scared and paranoid. Dang jerk. Michonne tells Daryl that he was right about what he said to her before about the trail going cold for The Governor. She tells him that she doesn’t need to go out anymore. Daryl tells her, “Good.” And the crew start to make their way back to the prison.
Rick finishes packing up. Carol hands him a gas can. He tells her to take it. Carol is using the car that Ana and Sam that they met in the house used. Carol gives Rick her watch from her first wedding anniversary. She tells him that she should have given it away a long time ago. So Carol leaves and Rick go their separate ways. Rick  makes his way back to the prison and Carol is making her way to find a safe place. She shouldn’t have killed those two people. Did Rick make the right decision? How is he going to tell the rest of the group if they ask why Carol isn’t with him?
It was a good episode!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.
Source: TWD Season 4, Episode Recap – Indifference

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Sneaker #1(Air Jordan 5 Laney)
Released – November 2, 2013 
The dope pair of Jordans you see here above are inspired by a particular high school that one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA attended. Well it may be easy to guess who it is, but Michael Jordan attended Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. According to, its been 13 years since these Royal Blue & Yellow sneaks dropped in 2000. Now you can cop these sneaks and sport them with care or add them to your ever growing Jordan collection.
#2: Nike SB Dunk Hi, Tropical Blue & University Gold 
 Sneaker #2(Nike SB Teal & Gold)
Released – August 2013 
Blue is my favorite color. All kinds of blue whether light or dark blue makes me smile. So when I saw these Tropical Blue & University Gold Nike SB Dunk Hi’s, I instantly fell in love with them. The University Gold Nike Swoosh that creates the centerpiece to the Tropical Blue suede canvas makes the sneaker highly appealing. In addition to the University Gold accents inside and on the tongue of the shoe, the color white complements the midsole (and shoe laces) very well. I would definitely be on the search to get these awesome kicks!
#3: Air Jordan 4 (Toro Bravo)
Sneaker #3 (Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo)
Released – July 13, 2013 
Jordan 4’s are my favorite Air Jordans in my mind. Why? I guess to me they are more stylish than the others. I like 5’s as well as 6’s. I don’t know what it is about 4’s. They are just dope to me. These Fire Red, White, Black, and Cement Grey Jordan 4’s aka Toro Bravo’s would make a great addition to your sneaker family. They were just released this past July. So they are still new but can grow into a Jordan sneaker classic.
#4: Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi, Purple Dynasty
Sneaker #4 (Nike WMNS Hi Purple Dynasty) nike-wmns-dunk-sky-hi-purple-dynasty-06-570x425
Released – October 2013
One of my other favorite colors is purple. I have some dark purple dunks that I call, “Purple Rain.” Its true. I may make a post showing you a little bit of the cool sneaks I have. When I first saw the Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi Purple Dynasty sneaks, the bright purple color pulled me in. Despite the fact that these are wedge sneakers, I would actually wear them. Not a big fan of them. I am more of a non-wedge sneaker lover myself. These dunks are designed for the woman who wants to look fresh and cute all at the same time. The design of the sneakers is pretty cool. describes the design of the Purple Dynasty sneaker as “tonal black and Dark Loden pebbled with leather/suede combinations.” So ladies if you are looking for a stylish yet regal looking sneaker, the Purple Dynasty Dunk Sky Hi may be the right one for you.
#5: Air Jordan 1 – Retro High OG (Laney)
Sneaker #5 (Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Laney)
Set to be Released – November 16, 2013 
We are going back to Michael Jordan’s high school alma mater with these Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Laney High School inspired sneaks. The Royal Blue (suede) seems to pop out more as the Yellow (leather) seems to be the backdrop of this classic sneaker. You can get these cool sneaks, just in time for holidays. They are slated to be released in a couple of weeks this November.
Honorable Mention: Air Jordan 5 ‘3 Lab 5 x Versace Custom
Released – August 8, 2013
Just had to share these dope pair of kicks. These burgundy (main color) with black elephant print and gold accent custom kicks makes these Jordans to stand out from the rest. To finish off this unique design the famous Versace Medusa logo is imprinted on the heel of the sneaker.  These will make a great addition to your collection and my possibly be a covnersation starter if you sport these joints around the town.
There are more sneaker brands I like. Sorry to go all Jordan and Dunks on you. Those are my top two favs.
If you have any dope sneaks links you would like to share with me comment under the post below. Always open to see fresh new kicks!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.


TWD Season 4: Episode 3, Isolation (Recap)


Warning! This recap may have me saying: Flips tables, Flippin tables, I want to flip tables, or I am going to flip tables repeatedly. So you can have a counter ready. I am about to go in! This past episode not only made me a bit upset. I was also shocked as well.
So let’s get started!
#1: Beginning — WHOA! ( Tyreese and Rick Fight)
The beginning of the episode starts with Glenn, Maggie, and some other folks digging graves outside in the prison yard. Dr. S (Caleb, now I know his name!) and Hershel checks on a man who was sick with the virus. He is now dead.
Meanwhile Tyreese, Rick, Carol and Daryl are standing in front of Karen and David’s burned bodies. Rick asks Tyreese, “You found them like this?” Tyreese explains to Rick how he was going to visit Karen and he ended up finding her dead body from the blood trail he followed.  He said to him, “Someone dragged their bodies outside and lit them on fire!” Is it just me or did Tyreese just sound like Ja Rule when he was explaining to Rick what happened? Or maybe DMX? Moving right along.
Tyreese was enraged. He was hungry for vengeance. He wants to find the person who did this. Tyreese called Rick a cop. He demands that he finds out who did killed them and bring that person to him. I think Rick was looking at Tyreese like: “Who the hell you take me for? You can go play detective and go find who did this ya damn self!” Tyreese was freakin out. Rick calmly tells Tyreese that he’s been there. He understands how he is feeling. But he is not listening to all that. All that rage and anger is blinding him. He is like a Tyreese Hulk or Ty Hulk in a sense now. Daryl tries to calm him down. He yells saying, “Karen didn’t deserve this! David didn’t deserved this! No one deserved this!” Daryl tells Tyreese that they are on the same side.
Rick tries to calm Tyreese down. He assures Tyreese that he knows and understands what he is going through. Of course everyone so far in the both groups have lost loved ones or good people that didn’t deserve to die. He understands how he feels. Tyreese is pretty much losing his mind. He is not thinking straight. Tyreese punches Rick in the face (Awwwww Snap!) Carol tries to separate them. Its not working so well. Why did Tyreese punch Rick? He didn’t do anything to him. He was just trying to calm him down. Tyreese isn’t thinking straight. He punches Rick in the face again. Daryl holds him back saying, “That’s enough!”
I would have been like: “Who the hell you think you are?!?!?! I was the one that brought you, your sister, and your little crew up in this prison, when y’all didn’t have anywhere to go. You all left to stay with The Governor, then come back, and you punch me in the face because your little girlfriend died thinking I had something to do with that?!?! Awwww HELL NAW!” You know Rick ain’t going down like that. So he punches Tyreese in the face. A fist fight starts.
Rick literally kicks the shit out of Tyreese. Awwww the Rick that we all know and love is coming back! Daryl keeps calling his name trying to stop him. But Rick is in that rage mode too because Tyreese invaded his personal space. I know what he was trying to do. Be sneaky and blame Rick for what happened. Daryl tries to hold Rick back. Rick loses it and yells repeatedly: “LET GO OF ME!” Carol is just standing there looking in shock (and maybe a little bit of awe) of what just happened.
Tyreese lays on the ground crying. Rick looks at his bloody knuckles. It was almost like he blacked out. He was coming back to reality, realizing what he had done. He looked at his hand at first started out as rage, but then turned into something else. Rick looked worried for some reason. He looked scared at what he had done to Tyreese. But he was only defending himself as a man. I don’t think anyone would let someone just hit them and let them get away with it. Remember when your parents would tell you if a someone hits you at school: “When someone hits you, you have to hit them back.” That’s what Rick did. Just made me think of Elementary and Grade School all over again. I hit people back who hit me. I don’t play that mess.
Intense opener to this episode.
#2: Hershel & Rick Moment 
Rick sprained his hand from the little altercation he had with Tyreese. Hershel said that his hand will be sprained for about week. Hershel asks if Rick is okay. Rick tells him, “It hurts.” Hershel wasn’t talking about his hand, but about what has happened (Security breaches, a possible virus outbreak, loosing lives, and food shortages). 12 people have died since the incident. 2 people were killed in cold blood. Rick says, “I think I caused enough damage for one day.” Hershel tells Rick that he has fell off the wagon before. He didn’t sit down feeling sorry for himself about it. He got back up. He told him, “I had responsibilities to take care of. People to keep safe.” In some way Hershel wants Rick to take over leadership duties and be the fearless leader like he once was again. Rick is still having his doubts about that.
#3: Bob the Medic & Tyreese Moment
Tyreese is digging up graves for Karen and David. Rick hit him so hard that his eye has swelled up shut. Bob looked at Tyreese while he continues to dig saying, “Let’s get you cleaned up man. Need a couple stitches.” Tyreese tells him, “Not until they are in the ground.” He is referring to Karen and David. So he is not doing anything else until they are properly buried. Bob tells Tyreese that he should let Hershel or Dr. S check him out to make sure he doesn’t have any broken bones. Tyreese looks at Bob and says, “When they in the ground.” So Bob gets a shovel and starts to help Tyreese on diging the other grave. You know Tyreese was just a chill guy. Now he is turning himself slowly into a monster. Should we be scared? Maybe.
#4: Glenn is Worried, Sasha Starts Getting Sick 
Glenn asks Hershel they (meaning the rest of Rick’s crew and the other survivors) are going to be okay in terms of not getting sick. He tells Hershel that Karen and David were already sick. So if they would have gotten the virus they would have had it by now. Hershel tells Glenn that they may be okay. He is not for sure. Hershel says, “It doesn’t happen on a timeline. Its different with everyone.” Glenn asks, “We could be okay?” Such an adorable worry-wort. Hershel responds back with, “Yes. We could be. Everything could be okay.” Glenn looks at his father-in-law and says: “If its walkers, if its people, we can fight. But with this, I am just digging graves.” Sasha comes out of the door while Glenn and Hershel have their conversation. She starts to cough really bad (Uh-Oh!). She waves to Glenn and Hershel to stay back. She tells them that she is going to see Dr. S and that she is going to be okay.
As Sasha staggers into Cell Block A looking for Dr. S she sees other people who are sick, coughing in their cells, dying, and turning into walkers. A man who has died from the virus turns into a walker and starts to reach toward her in the cell. Dr. S comes up to Sasha and tells her, “Its starting.” People are starting to die from the virus and turning into walkers. Making this a huge problem. Just when you think things are slightly getting better. They turn for the worse. Dr. S is starting to get sick as well.
#5: Race to Find Medicine 
Hershel explains to Daryl, Carol, Glenn, and Michonne about how the virus is spreading. He says that the survivors from Cell Block D (Sasha, Caleb aka Dr. S, and the others) are starting to get sick. As he continues to explain on what he thinks should be done try to to stop it, Glenn starts to feel kind of weird. He is sweating more than usual. He may have the virus in him too. But he doesn’t want to let anyone know. Hershel says there is no way of stopping the virus. Once you get it, you have to go through it. Michonne says, “But it just kills you.” Hershel tells Michonne, “The illness doesn’t kill you, but the symptoms do.” They need antibiotics. Daryl says that they have been through every pharmacy nearby without any luck of finding any.
Hershel tells Daryl of making a trip to a veterinary college at West Peach Tree Tech. It might the be one place that people haven’t raided to get meds. He said the same medicine that they give to animals is the same needed to treat the virus. Daryl gets a group ready so they can head out to the college. It is 50 miles away from the prison. Michonne decides to go as well. Hershel tells her that she may have a risk of being exposed. Michonne is not worried about that. She goes on with Daryl to get ready for the med run trip.
Hershel makes a suggestion to separate the most vulnerable people who may be exposed to the virus and place them in a different area. Glenn asks who is the most vulnerable. Hershel answers Glenn with, “Their young.” Glenn asks, “What about the old?” If they do get the antibiotics and bring them back to give to the surviving group members who have been exposed, will that be enough to save them? Will that help get rid of the symptoms and keep everyone alive? We just have to wait and see.
#6: Rick & Tyreese Moment/Rick & Carl
The water pump is stuck. Rick tells Carol that they may have enough water until tomorrow. Carol suggests to Rick a way to get the pump unclogged. Rick seemed a little bit hesitant to hear that. Carol tells him that 5 more people have came down with the virus. There aren’t that many people left. Carol says to Rick, “What if you get sick? What if I get sick? Rick tells Carol, “What if we get in trouble out there and not come back? Look, lets get this up (water) to the people who need it. We get what we have to get done first.” I smell the leadership coming back.
Carol and Rick looks out to see Tyreese still digging Karen and David’s graves. She tells Rick that he should talk to him and pay his respects. Tyreese finishes burying Karen and David’s bodies. Rick stands right in front of him. They are about to have a civil conversation. Rick apologizes to Tyreese about what happened earlier. He continues his apology to Tyreese saying, “What I did to you. Everything.” Tyreese responds by saying, “Its on both of us. You got to find who did this.” Rick says, “Well I didn’t know David much, did you? Did anyone have a problem with David or Karen?” Tyreese told him no. He was with Karen everyday. There seemed to be no problems from her. There was no problems from David either. Both Karen and David got along with everybody. Rick tells Tyreese that Karen and David were the only two that were sick at the time. The mystery person may be trying to stop the virus from spreading. Tyreese said, “They didn’t.” He felt that the person responsible for Karen and David’s death had another motive in killing them.
Tyreese realizes that Sasha is sick. Rick assures Tyreese that the person who killed Karen and David will be found. The person will get punished for what they did. Tyreese wants the person found today. He doesn’t want to wait around. Tyreese tells Rick, “All I see you is pumping water. What I feel from you is, murder is okay in this place.” Dude you seriously need to chill! I just felt (start your counting) like flipping tables at what Tyreese said to Rick just now. If I was Rick, I would have punched him in the face again. Rick tells him, “No its not. But we have to save lives first. We have to keep this place going.” Tyreese response to that was, “You worry about that. I’ll worry about what is right.” He walks away from Rick. I really don’t know what Tyreese’s version of right is. But I think a part of his sane mind is missing.
Carl heads off to quarantine. He really doesn’t want to go. I guess he doesn’t want to be around kids his own age. He wants to be with his dad. Rick tells him that he has to look after the others and his sister Judith. To make sure they are safe. Carl knows what he must do if one of them turns. He puts his gun in his holster. Rick tells Carl to only shoot if he has to. Carl tells his dad that he might need to shoot. So he is basically telling Rick that he is going to shoot anyway. Whether if he has to or not.
#7:  Glenn is Sick (-Kev Hart’s Voice- Noooooo!!!!! He’s not ready!!!! He’s not ready!!!!)
Glenn’s symptoms is starting to show. He starts saying to himself that he is going to be okay. Maggie walks in on him and asks if he is okay. Glenn tells her not to come near him. He tells her that he has the virus. Noooooo Glenn!!!! :/
I started to freak out when I realized that Glenn was getting sick. If he dies, I am going to cry. Like I am literally going to flip some tables in anger. Glenn has been with the group from the start. He’s kind of become my homie in a way throughout the show. Okay there are sometimes that I admit where he comes on in a scene and I whisper “I Love You.” I’m sorry. Its true. But there will be some major table flipping going on if he dies. Like seriously flipping of tables in pure emotion. He has grown so much. He can’t die now! He just can’t. I have to admit, I spoiled one part of this episode last Sunday. I posted a status on my Facebook page saying: “OMG, Glenn is sick!!! I am about to cry.” Of course people who were on my friends list who saw this on their timeline wasn’t happy since they didn’t see the episode yet. Sorry. Its my Facebook page, my status, and my life. You can either read it, erase it from your mind, don’t be on Facebook during 9:00pm on Sundays, or just suck it up and watch the episode when you get the time to. I don’t have time to suppress my excitement of what I see for no one. Just chill and deal with it.
#8: Daryl & Michonne Getting Ready to Head to West Peach Tree Tech (Med Run)
Daryl checks the hood of a car and sees that it is a quart low in oil. Michonne tells Daryl that she will go get some oil. Daryl is glad that Michonne is here instead of running off. Michonne tells Daryl, “You know I’m not running off?” Daryl nods in agreement. So she asks Daryl, “Its just going to be me and you like in the good old days?” Daryl says, “Me, you, and Bob (FLIPS TABLES!). Oh great, they are bringing Bob along. The same person that Daryl saved at the Big Spot! store when the wine shelf fell down on him. Just because he was trying to steal some damn wine! And on top of that he was yelling “HEY! HEY!” like a dumb dumb attracting more walkers to come to the group their way. Oh that Bob (FLIPS TABLES!). Awesome!
Michonne and Daryl decides they needed a extra person to go with them to West Peach Tree Tech to get the antibiotics. Rick couldn’t go because he is needed at the prision to make sure the survivors are safe. The only other person that wasn’t sick was Tyreese. Daryl goes to find Tyreese. He is in Cell Block A visiting his sister. He asks if he would go with them to get the medicine. Tyreese wants to stay and keep watch. Daryl pretty much tells him that it is not gonna do any good with him staying here to stand watch. He tells Tyreese, “They are cut off.” It kind of just makes me want to say: “This is another moment of Daryl Dixon: Keeping it Real.” Sounds good right? Daryl tells Tyreese that him, Michonne and Bob will be up at the front gate in case he changes his mind. So eventually, Tyreese accompanies Daryl, Michonne, and Bob on the medicine run. If they can go there and bring the medicine back before tomorrow they will have a good chance of fighting the virus off. People will get better.
Tyreese asks Carol if she could look after Sasha until he gets back from the med run. She agrees. Then she has a slight mental breakdown and cries. What the crap was that all about?
#9: Hershel Makes a Trip/Carol & Lizzie/Beth & Maggie 
In quarantine, Hershel decides to make a trip to the woods. Carl is telling him that he just can’t leave. Hershel pretty much tells Carl: “Look! I ain’t gonna have no 15 year-old kid telling me where to go and not go. I am a grown ass man! I am Hershel Greene aka Santa Claus! If you don’t let me go, then you are going to be on my naughty list for Christmas young man!” I really don’t know why, I went the Santa route. Its just that Hershel looks like Santa. Well you know what means if people don’t obey Carl. He tells him that he has to tell his dad. Now the thing with Carol was understandable. With Hershel it just makes Carl a little bit of a snitch. Why is Hershel going into the woods? Then Carl says to Hershel, “If you have to go, I have to come with you.” Have you not learned your lesson Carl?!?!? You almost died touching a damn deer!!! (FLIPS TABLES!). You just want to go back the Second and Third Season Carl. You don’t want to stay and be responsible Carl now. FLIPS TABLES! Arrrrgh!!!!
Carol is putting the exposed people in solitary confinement. Lizzie finds Carol. She tells her that she’s not feeling so good. Carol tells her that she will help to make sure she gets better. Lizzie asks if she could tuck her in. Carol tells her to go find Glenn because he is one the best bed tuckers she knows. Lizzie is scared. She runs back to hug Carol. She tells Lizzie that its okay and to go on in. After she Lizzie walks in, Carol closes the door. She starts to break down and cry. I know she really wanted to tuck Lizzie in bed herself. But she couldn’t risk getting herself exposed.
Maggie thanks Beth for taking care of Little Asskicker. Beth asks if things are okay. She tells Beth that Glenn has the virus. Beth tells Maggie, “We don’t get to be upset. We all have jobs to do. That’s what Daddy always says. Daryl and Michonne will get the meds. You, Carol, and Rick will help everyone until they get back. And I’ll take care of Judith. Just focus on what you have to do. No matter what happens, we’ll deal with it. We have to.” I mean its cool that Beth is being strong and all but it just feels kind of weird. ‘No matter what happens, we’ll deal with it?’ So Beth if Hershel dies, or Maggie loses Glenn then you just want to act like nothing happened? You don’t want Maggie to cry if one or both of those guys die? You are not going to cry if your dad dies? I don’t want that to happen. I would actually cry if Hershel dies. She didn’t cry when Kyle died. When Daryl told her he died she was like eh. I am worried about Beth, but I respect her for being so strong.
#10: Hershel & Carl in the Woods
While Hershel is picking berries, he asks Carl when Rick gave him his gun back. Carl told Hershel that Rick gave him his gun after what happened in Cell Block D. Hershel tells him that there is a certain responsibility with being able to step back. Carl agrees with him and says, “That can only happen for so long.” Hershel tells Carl that it is peaceful out there in the woods and it is safer being outside than in the prison. Carl disagrees with him. They see a campsite full of walker corpses scattered among the woods. There was one walker  lying there near a tree with half of their body is gone. The walker reaches out toward Carl and Hershel. They begin to make their way back the prison.
As Carl and Hershel head back, they see a lady walker coming at them. She has a bear trap clinging to one of her legs. Carl raises his gun at the lady walker coming towards him. Hershel tells Carl not to shoot. He doesn’t have to?!?! FLIPS TABLES! Hershel really?!?! I love you and all but if there was a walker coming toward me I would shoot it. I know Carl just got his gun back. I think he is responsible enough to know when he needs to use his gun. Remember the time when he killed that young guy in the woods from The Governor’s camp who was unarmed? Carl didn’t have to kill him but he did. He felt threatened. If he didn’t kill him, he might have been killed. So Carl decides not to shoot the lady walker and continues to head back to the prison. There is nothing peaceful about walkers coming in your face. I understand what Hershel is trying to say, but it still dangerous out there.
#11: Hershel to the Rescue
Maggie asks Hershel why he isn’t in quarantine. He tells her that he could help the people who are really sick. The berries that he got from the woods are called Elder Berries. His wife used to make tea with them to drink as a flu remedy. The tea can help reduce the sick survivors fever and keep them stable until meds arrive. Maggie tells her dad that Daryl and Michonne are getting the antibiotics. Hershel tells her that most of those people in quarantine won’t last for 12 hours. He has to help them and Glenn. Hershel goes on to say, “There are so many times, we haven’t been able to do anything, to change what was happening. What was happening to us. We wished we could, but we couldn’t. This time I can. I know I can. So I have to.” Since Caleb (Dr. S) is sick, Hershel is the only one who can help him. Maggie doesn’t want him to do it. Rick tells Hershel that if he goes in there, he is going to get sick. Hershel tells him, “We don’t know that. What we do know is that, but what we do know is that we can get the symptoms controlled.” Rick begs Hershel to just wait. Hershel says, “Listen, damnit! You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breath, you risk your life. Every moment now, you don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you are risking it for.” Hershel is risking his life so he can make the people who are in quarantine feel better. God Bless his soul!
#12: Rick Grimes, Criminal Investigator/Possible Theories/Carol Having Carl Tendencies
Rick is trying to figure out who killed Karen and David.
So here is the crime scene as follows:
#1: You have a burnt trail from where the bodies were drugged out and lit on fire.
#2: Two gas cans that laid right beside the burned bodies.
#3: An opened passageway from Cell Block A the mystery person used.
Rick looks at the opened passageway. He notices blood on the side of the door. He puts his hand by it. The blood could come from the mystery person. They might have cut themselves. The cut didn’t heal properly. Maybe that’s how the blood got on there.
Here are my possible theories on who the mystery person could be: Bob, Caleb (Dr. S), or both. They are the only two that I can think of to have enough strength to drag two bodies outside. Caleb could have done this before he got sick. I could see one person doing it, but they had to have an accomplice helping the mystery person out. I guess we will find out soon enough who did it.
Carol is outside the perimeter trying to unclog the water pump. She pulls the pipe out of the water and starts to shake off whatever was in there that made it clogged. There is a small group of walkers near the water pump outside the gate. Carol continues to shake out the contents of the pipe. Then a small group of walkers go over to Carol in an attempt to attack her. Rick sees what happens. He runs as fast as he can to get to her. Carol ignores what is going on and continues to work on unclogging the pipe. There were two groups of walkers now coming at Carol on either side. Rick is tells her to run. Why don’t you run woman?!?!? FLIPS TABLES! Carol uses her knife to kill a walker. The knife gets stuck in the walker’s head. Rick comes in and saves her. They get back safely to the other side of the perimeter fence. Rick tells Carol, “I thought we planned on doing this tomorrow.” Carol responds back, “There are no tomorrows.” Carol really didn’t listen to Rick. He told her not to go and try to unclog that pipe. For some reason Carol was channeling Carl. She could have gotten herself eaten.
#13: West Peach Tree Tech: Med Run Begins / Killing a Sea of Walkers / Walker Swarm, Tyreese Getting It In with the Kills 
Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob are making their way to West Peach Tree Tech to get the antibiotics. Daryl pretty much knows that Michonne is trying to hunt The Governor. He tells her that the trail was running cold and he would have been out there with her. Daryl has a settle to score with The Governor too. He is pretty much responsible of killing Merle. Daryl tries to find a radio station, but couldn’t get a signal in. He asked Michonne if he could hand him a CD to put in the car CD player for some riding music. Bob quickly notices a person’s voice coming from the radio. The voice was fading in and out. It was a woman’s voice saying, “Keep Alive. Sanctuary. Terminus.” The words that were being said, I have no idea what they mean.
As Daryl was trying to make the signal come in more clearer, he looks up, and almost hits a walker walking in the middle of the road. He swerves to avoid the walker. Then another come is in the road. He hits that one. Then the next. He stops the car. Next thing you know its a ton of walkers coming towards the car. Its literally thousands of walkers. What the hell is going on here?!?!
Daryl backs up the car hits a few walkers. Michonne tells him to go to the left. The car gets stuck in the mini mountain of walkers. Daryl tells everyone to make a run for the woods and don’t stop. So Daryl and Michonne, got out of the car first. They begin killing walkers left and right. So while Michonne and Daryl are kicking butt in the walker department, Bob gets out of the car and freaks out (FLIPS TABLES!). Yup. Sure he is needed to know what kind of antibiotics to get. But he really sucks in bravery. Man up dude! He starts to shoot walkers all scared. Then you have Tyreese’s butt sitting in the car just chillin. Um you need to get out of the car sir! Then Bob starts yelling Tyreese’s name (FLIPS TABLES!). For what?!?!?! What are you yelling for?!?!?! Bob you supposed to be making a run for the woods. DUDE SHUT UP!!! Tyreese still sitting in the car.
Tyreese gets out of the car (Finally!) and starts going HAM killing walkers. He tells Bob to start heading for the woods (I wouldn’t have done that). So as Bob starts heading for the woods, a sea of walkers were surrounding Tyreese. While Tyreese was killing up a storm, trying to stay alive, Daryl, Michonne, and Bob make a run for it in the woods.
Daryl, Michonne, and Bob make it in the woods. Daryl noticed some bushes rattling in the far distance. It was a couple of walkers with Tyreese appearing along with him. Tyreese is alive! He is not bit or turned into a walker! I give props to him for those epic kills. Daryl grabs Tyreese and the group makes a run for it.
#13: Meanwhile Back in Quarantine/Carol & Rick (Mind is Blown)
Hershel starts giving out the Elder Berry tea to the sick people in quarantine. He gives some to Dr. S (Caleb). He tells him to drink the tea. Dr. S tells him that he shouldn’t be there. Hershel said to him, “Tell me you wouldn’t be.” Dr. S starts to cough up a storm. He sounds like he is getting much worse. Dr. S coughs up some blood. A little bit of his blood got in Hershel’s face. Hershel takes off his mask. Why?!?! (FLIPS TABLES!) He uses the mask to wipe some off the blood that Dr. S coughed up in his face.
Hershel goes to give some tea to Glenn. Glenn keeps telling himself that he’s fine but he’s not. He is sick. OMG! This is about to make me freakin sad yo. Glenn just can’t die. I am telling you, there will be massive table flipping if this goes down. Glenn said the most two perfect words that would sum up how he feels: “This sucks.” It sucks that you are sick. It sucks that you are in quarantine. Glenn feels that this is it. A flu is going to be the end of him. Hershel tells him not to think that way. I think right now Hershel has a lot more faith in Glenn than he does of himself. He tells him, “Now we all have jobs here.” Glenn’s job is to get better and live. Hershel stays by Glenn’s side making sure his fever goes down.
Carol was carrying water jugs when Rick stopped her. He told Carol that trying to unclog the water pump was a stupid thing to do. Carol agrees. Rick tells Carol, “You know, you do a lot for us. For the kids. You sacrificed a lot.” He asked her, “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people here?” Carol answered by saying no. Rick asked if Carol she killed Karen and David. Carol looked at Rick and said, “Yes.” She walked away carrying the water jugs (FLIPS TABLES!). Rick solved the mystery. I don’t know what to say.
Well my theories on who killed Karen and David were totally wrong (FLIPS TABLES!). I would have never thought Carol would do something like that. Dear sweet Carol. I wonder why she did it though. When Tyreese finds out, I don’t know what he is going to do.
Lets see if you were able to keep up with the Flipping Tables Count.  Flippin Tables Count: 15 (This correct count may or may not be right) I thought I would actually say it more, but that’s a pretty nice number.
Will Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese get back to the prison in time to give those meds to the sick people in quarantine? Will Rick punish Carol for killing Karen and David? How will Rick tell Tyreese that Carol was the one who murdered them? Will Bob stop yelling? Will Glenn stay alive and not die? Find out the answers to these and many more questions on next week’s episode recap.
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^
Source: TWD Season 4, Episode Recap – Isolation

YouKnowWhatGrindsMyGears #3: Vibe Killers

What I absolutely cannot stand are people who are vibe killers. You might be having one of the best days ever. In your mind, today is the most perfect day you have ever dreamed of. Filled with joy and happiness. Then here comes this one person out of nowhere who starts to KILL YOUR VIBE! That Kendrick Lamar song speaks the truth: “B***h Don’t Kill My Vibe! B***h Don’t Kill My Vibe!”

You think to yourself: “What the bloody crap did I do to deserve that?” Vibe killers are mainly people you know. Your friends, complete strangers, associates, and even family members. Their mission is simple. To bring you down so you can feel just as miserable as they do. Vibe killers are not about maintaining happiness. If they are not happy, no one is happy. And if no one is happy, they are doing their job.
There were many times when people killed my vibe. To be honest with you, it really irritated me. Why? Why would that person inadvertently go out of their way to try to drain my happiness away? Then try to justify it to make it seem harmless. Don’t sugarcoat it. Because I am not going to sugarcoat my response towards you.  So if it offends you, well then tough titty. You shouldn’t have killed my vibe.
Killing my vibe will pretty much turn up the level of my sarcasm to epic highs. It will turn me into a bit of an asshole. I don’t kill other people’s vibe. I have no business doing it to no one else. So why do it to me?
Smile. Laugh. Eat some ice cream. Do something else other than to bring others down. It is going to be a point where you are going to  need someone to uplift you. Then when you find that no one will be around don’t get all Drake emotional (I am not making fun of Drake, but this term fits well in what I have to say). Because you pissed everyone off by killing their vibe. Think about it.
I am generally a nice person. But if you kill my vibe, my rage might just come out and scare you.
You have any stories about certain people killing your vibe? Comment below and share them with me.
Stay positive and vibe killer free. And as always, Stay Classy Homies ^_^.

AshleyNerdStar’s Quotes of the Week: Family Guy Edition

For this first installment of “AshleyNerdStar’s Quotes of the Week,” I visit one of my favorite TV shows Family Guy to countdown my top 10 memorable quotes. Now I know there are a lot of quotes that could have been on this list.

Some of these maybe your favs, while others that are not on the list serve as memorable classics. I think these 10 are pretty funny.
#10: Tom Tucker: And now, here’s Ollie Williams, with the BlaccuWeather Forecast. Ollie!
Ollie Williams: IT’S GON’ RAIN!
Tom Tucker: Thanks, Ollie.
#9: Mayor West: I love this job more than I love taffy, and I’m a man who loves his taffy.
#8: Cleveland Brown:  Public urination is just wrong. Except during the Million Man March when protestors burned down our porta-potties and I used my stream of justice to put out the hate.
#7:  Chris Griffin: Yo, did y’all check me when that hottie was all up in my Kool-Aid? Yeah, I was looking to break off a little somethin’ somethin’ but my crew gave me the 411 on that skank and she’s all about the bling-bling.
#6: Dennis Miller:  I don’t want to go on a rant, here, but America’s foreign policy makes about as much sense as Beowulf having sex with Robert Fulton at the first battle of Antietam. I mean when a neo-conservative defenestrates it’s like Raskolnikov filibuster deoxymonohydroxinate…

[Peter is watching this on TV]

Peter Griffin: What the hell does rant mean?

#5: Police Officer: Hey. That’s Against the law. You’re coming with me.

Peter Griffin: [singing to the tune of U Can’t Touch this] Ah ah ah. Can’t Touch Me / Can’t Touch me / Ja ja ja ja just like the bad guy/ from Lethal Weapon 2 / I’ve got diplomatic Immunity / so Hammer, you can’t sue / I can write graffiti even jay-walk in the streets / I can Riot, loot, not give a hoot, and touch your sister’s teat / Can’t touch me/ Can’t touch me.

Mayor: What in God’s name is he doing?

Peter Griffin: Can’t Touch me.

Cleveland Brown: I believe that’s the worm.

Peter Griffin: [still singing] Can’t touch me / STOP, Peter time / I’m a big shot, there’s no doubt / light a fire then pee it out / Don’t like it, kiss my rump / Just for a minute, let’s all do the bump / Can’t touch me / Yeah, do the Peter Griffin Bump / Can’t touch me/ I’m Presidential Peter/ Interns think I’m hot / Don’t care if you’re handicapped, I’ll still park in your spot / I’ve been around the world / from Hartford to Back Bay / It’s Peter, Go Peter, I’m so Peter, Yo Peter, Let’s see Regis rap this way / Can’t touch me.

#4: Stewie Griffin: Damn it! I want pancakes! God! You people understand every language except English. Yo quiero pancakes. Donnez-moi pancakes. Click-click-bloody click pancakes!
#3: UPS Woman: I’ve got a package for Glen Quagmire.

Quagmire: I’ll be right back

[Closes door, then returns a moment later, naked]

Quagmire: And I’ve got a package for you too! Oh!

[she maces him]

Quagmire: Nice try, but I’ve built up an immunity.

#2:  Lois Griffin: You all think Christmas just happens. You think all this goodwill just falls from the freakin’ sky. Well, it doesn’t! It falls out of my holly jolly butt! So you can cook your own damn turkey. Wrap your own damn presents. And hey, while you’re at it, you can all ride a one horse open sleigh to hell!
 And my number one memorable Family Guy quote is… [Drum Roll Please!]
#1: Peter Griffin: [Dancing to Axel F] Neh-neh neh neh neh-neh neh neh. Neh-neh neh neh neh-neh neh. Neh neh neh neh-neh neh and then another neh-neh neh neh-neh.
Share with me some of your favorite Family Guy Quotes below in the comments. 11 seasons and they are still going strong!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

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TWD Season 4: Episode 2, Infected (Recap)


Some people thought that this past episode of the TWD entitled, “Infected” was just a boring weepfest. Honestly to me, I actually thought it was a pretty good episode. Here I will now summarize 11 moments from the past episode. Yes I said 11. Sorry for the short intro.  I am just excited to get into this episode recap.
Let’s get started:

#1: Mystery Person Causing Trouble

So as the start of the episode begins with a mystery person, holding a flashlight while feeding rats to the walkers. As if eating dead or live animals  and people were enough for these guys. It definitely poses a new threat to the prison crew (That’s my nickname for them. Just made it up ^_^).
Who is the person trying to cause more chaos in the Zombie Apocalypse? I know as the show progresses, I will start developing my theories on who it could be. All I can guess is that it is someone within the group. It may come from Rick’s camp or the citizens of The Governor camp. I just don’t know who yet.
#2: Nerdy Walker Patrick Starts Biting Others
In the last episode (30 Days Without an Accident), Patrick got sick, died, and turned into a walker. Now he is hungry and stumbling around. He goes into this man’s cell while he is sleeping and starts chomping on his neck. While this is happening everyone else is sleep. No one knew what was going on at first. That kind of made me mad. Someone should have been up checking the cells to make sure everyone is okay. I mean I know this just happened out of pure randomness. But come on now! Patrick could have been killed and then there wouldn’t be any other lives lost. More about that on the #4 event (All Hell Breaks Loose – Security Breach).
#3: Father & Son Moment – Part 1
Remember the gun that Rick dug out of the dirt while he was doing his farming duties? Well that gun belonged to his son Carl. Since Rick stepped down from being the leader of the group for certain reasons, he didn’t want Carl to carry a gun. Apparently he just wanted Carl to help with harvesting vegetables, feeding the pigs, and brushing Michonne’s horse down after she returns from a run.
Carl did have to use a gun. He used it to help Michonne when she was attacked by some walkers as she contemplated on making another supply run
(In Code: Searching for The Governor). Carl told his dad that he didn’t mean to use the gun but he had to help Michonne. I know in a way Rick is trying to protect his son. He just doesn’t want Carl to make dumb choices like he did. Maybe Rick is protecting himself. He doesn’t want the decisions he makes to hurt more people. Carl was just doing what he had to do save Michonne.
#4: All Hell Breaks Loose – Security Breach 
Well, the domino effect started. Patrick pretty much started it. He bites the man that was sleeping on the bed. He dies, turns into a walker, and start looking for a live victim to chomp on. Then the cycle repeats. It was just a freakin bloodbath and panic in Cell Block D. A lot of lives were lost.
All of this could have been avoided, if they would have killed Patrick just in time. But then again, they didn’t know that he was sick. They didn’t know that he was going to die and turn into a walker. Rick and Daryl made sweeps of the cells to make sure that there were no more walkers in the block. You could tell that Rick didn’t want kill the off the remaining walkers that were in the cells. But he had to do it.
The security breach is making a lot of people nervous and wondering about what is going on.
#5: Ah, Carol 
There was a man that Carol helped named Ryan. He had two girls Lizzie and Mika. Ryan was bit pretty bad. So much so that he was going to lose his life. He asked Carol to look after his two girls as if they were her own. Carol agrees to look after them.
Carol brought in Lizzie and Mika so that they could say goodbye to their dad. Ryan quickly passed away. Carol handed a knife to Lizzie so she could kill her dad before he turns. This dude was pretty big. So if he turned they would have a problem on their hands. Lizzie freaked out and refused to do it. Carol took the knife quickly and stabbed Ryan. Mika tries to calm down Lizzie. Mind you Mika is the little sister and Lizzie is the big sister. Ironic isn’t it?
Carol finds Lizzie standing in front of the perimeter fence outside the prison. She gets on Lizzie for not killing her dad’s corpse. Carol tells Lizzie that she is weak and that she has to act fast every time. Lizzie can’t be no wimp when it comes to walkers coming all in face ready to eat her. She’s got to be gangsta. Lizzie cries telling Carol, “He’s dead. He was special and now he’s dead.” Carol thought Lizzie was talking about her dad. Then she starts talking about a walker that had a name tag that read Nick on it. Mika tells Carol, “Lizzie isn’t weak. She is messed up.” I honestly don’t know what that was all about. I am pretty sure we will know more maybe in the upcoming episode.
Inside the prison, Carl and Carol have a conversation. She asks him not to tell Rick that she is teaching the kids about how to use weapons to survive. Carl doesn’t want to lie to his dad. He asks Carol if she will tell the kids parents. She says no.  She explains that if Rick finds out maybe he could tell their parents. They may or may not understand why Carol is teaching them survival skills. So the heat would go off of her and be on Rick. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to tell Rick face to face. She doesn’t want to take full responsibility of what she is doing. But I do think what Carol is doing is smart. Those kids need to know how to survive if they get confronted with a walker. They have to protect themselves. She could have just been honest with Rick and told him what she is doing. I think Rick would have been cool with it. She shouldn’t have brought Carl in the middle of it.
I can also understand why Carl doesn’t want to keep anything from his dad. I also think that he didn’t want to be in the middle of anything that involved his dad and someone else. Those are grown people’s issues. He is just a kid. More on that in event #10: Father & Son Moment – Part 2.
#6: Flu or Something Else???
Is it the flu? Is it a virus? Who knows? It is making people sick and die at a rapid pace. With Patrick there were no bits or wounds on him. So as Hershel, Bob the Medic, and another guy who seems to be a medical professional examines a walkers body (His name was Charlie). They found no wounds or bites on him either. The three person medical team concluded that there is a virus afoot.
Hershel believes the virus may have been contracted was probably spread from the pigs that Rick was taking care of. He declares that the people who have came in contact and those who haven’t should be separated until they look into this more. So everybody has to be careful to avoid close contact for awhile. That means Glenn and Maggie can’t hug or make out. Tyreese and Karen can’t be in kissy face mode. Just to be on the safe side.
D Block is considered not safe for the people who have came in contact with the virus. Karen told Hershel and the medic team (Bob and the other guy) that he noticed another person named David coughing. She started coughing too. The council decides to put the ones who are sick in Cell Block A (Death Row). It is more clean and sterile there. So Karen and David are the first ones to be put into that cell block.
So a case of Swine Flu is literally killing people and turning in to walkers huh? Crazy!
#7: Rick Scared of Being the Leader Again
Now I understand why they have a council. The council collectively make decisions in the group now that Rick took a break from being the leader for awhile. I honestly believe that he is scared. He’s afraid of making irrational decisions for the group that will jeopardize thier lives if he becomes a leader again.
Daryl told Rick that he would be better in the fight if he had his gun. Even though Rick earned his time by choosing not resort to violence, he tells him if it wasn’t for the choices he made to get them here thus far, they wouldn’t be alive right now. Rick shouldn’t feel bad about the choices and sacrifices he’s made in order to keep his crew alive. I know at times it haunts him. But he is a great leader. I know he is going to come back and be an even better when he feels ready to do so.
#8: What the Crap is Going On Here?!?!
So there were a ton of walkers about to tear down one of the fences in the prison yard. Like it was give in any minute. Which will make it the second security breach of the day. While the crew tries to fight off the clusters of walkers, Sasha finds something incredibly strange. She finds a bunch of half eaten rats on the ground. Remember the mystery person who was feeding the rats to walkers in the middle of the night? I guess this is what he or she wanted. To leave a mark and to start putting the pieces together to find out who did it.
Rick gets an idea and tells Daryl to get the truck (Whooooo Rick ^_^) . He puts all the pigs in on the flatbed of the truck and fed them to the walkers. Rick’s strategy was to separate the huge group of walkers into little groups. So he fed the pigs one by one luring the walkers away from the fence making it easy to properly secure it.
I know this means that it leaves less food for the group, but it stopped the walkers from breaking the fence down endangering the prison. I am proud of Rick for thinking of that awesome idea. He seemed a little bit hesitant to do it, but I am glad he did.
#9: Little Asskicker & Michonne Have a Moment 
This moment right here, had me going awwwww.
Little Asskicker (Judith) spit up on Beth. She asks Michonne to if she could hold her while she gets a cloth or something clean herself up. Michonne was scared but she held her anyway. As Michonne starts to hold her, she breaks down and cries.
We don’t really know much of Michonne’s story. Why did she get emotional holding Judith? I really hope that as the season goes along, they will share some of her story. It will be interesting to know more about her.
That was the first time I ever seen Michonne show any type of emotion. It was pretty cool to see that. She is pretty badass but presenting a different side of her that shows her a little bit vulnerable was quite refreshing. I know there are moments where Michonne just want to break down and cry her eyes out. There is nothing wrong with that. Showing emotion is what makes us human. Michonne is just an awesome human being.  Little Asskicker serves as the shining light out of the whole group that gives people hope to keep on living.
#10: Father & Son Time Moment – Part 2
Rick believes the pigs weren’t the reason people got sick from the virus. He believes that the people are ones who made the pigs sick. He tells Carl that they have both have to stay way from Judith (Little Asskicker) for awhile just to be safe until things calm down. Carl tells Rick about Carol teaching the kids how to use weapons. He suggests that Rick should let Carol continue to teach them. Even though he wasn’t supposed to know, Rick told Carl that she wouldn’t stop her or say anything. Rick gives Carl back his gun. Rick also gets his own gun (from the tool box). I think the Rick Grimes we all know and love may be making a comeback.
#11: Uh-Oh…
Tyreese made his way to Cell Block A to visit Karen. He noticed that she wasn’t in her cell. There was also a trail of blood on the floor. He followed the trail till he made it outside. He found the dead bodies of Karen and David burned with a gas can lying right in front of them. This freaked Tyreese out.   This marks the third security breach of the episode. Someone inside the prison burned those two bodies. Damn mystery person again. Or is it more than one person who is in on sabotaging the prison? My theories on that on the next episode recap.
Things are starting to get very interesting people. Can’t wait to see the next episode!!!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^
Source: TWD Season 4, Episode Recap -Infected