TWD Season 4: Episode 2, Infected (Recap)


Some people thought that this past episode of the TWD entitled, “Infected” was just a boring weepfest. Honestly to me, I actually thought it was a pretty good episode. Here I will now summarize 11 moments from the past episode. Yes I said 11. Sorry for the short intro.  I am just excited to get into this episode recap.
Let’s get started:

#1: Mystery Person Causing Trouble

So as the start of the episode begins with a mystery person, holding a flashlight while feeding rats to the walkers. As if eating dead or live animals  and people were enough for these guys. It definitely poses a new threat to the prison crew (That’s my nickname for them. Just made it up ^_^).
Who is the person trying to cause more chaos in the Zombie Apocalypse? I know as the show progresses, I will start developing my theories on who it could be. All I can guess is that it is someone within the group. It may come from Rick’s camp or the citizens of The Governor camp. I just don’t know who yet.
#2: Nerdy Walker Patrick Starts Biting Others
In the last episode (30 Days Without an Accident), Patrick got sick, died, and turned into a walker. Now he is hungry and stumbling around. He goes into this man’s cell while he is sleeping and starts chomping on his neck. While this is happening everyone else is sleep. No one knew what was going on at first. That kind of made me mad. Someone should have been up checking the cells to make sure everyone is okay. I mean I know this just happened out of pure randomness. But come on now! Patrick could have been killed and then there wouldn’t be any other lives lost. More about that on the #4 event (All Hell Breaks Loose – Security Breach).
#3: Father & Son Moment – Part 1
Remember the gun that Rick dug out of the dirt while he was doing his farming duties? Well that gun belonged to his son Carl. Since Rick stepped down from being the leader of the group for certain reasons, he didn’t want Carl to carry a gun. Apparently he just wanted Carl to help with harvesting vegetables, feeding the pigs, and brushing Michonne’s horse down after she returns from a run.
Carl did have to use a gun. He used it to help Michonne when she was attacked by some walkers as she contemplated on making another supply run
(In Code: Searching for The Governor). Carl told his dad that he didn’t mean to use the gun but he had to help Michonne. I know in a way Rick is trying to protect his son. He just doesn’t want Carl to make dumb choices like he did. Maybe Rick is protecting himself. He doesn’t want the decisions he makes to hurt more people. Carl was just doing what he had to do save Michonne.
#4: All Hell Breaks Loose – Security Breach 
Well, the domino effect started. Patrick pretty much started it. He bites the man that was sleeping on the bed. He dies, turns into a walker, and start looking for a live victim to chomp on. Then the cycle repeats. It was just a freakin bloodbath and panic in Cell Block D. A lot of lives were lost.
All of this could have been avoided, if they would have killed Patrick just in time. But then again, they didn’t know that he was sick. They didn’t know that he was going to die and turn into a walker. Rick and Daryl made sweeps of the cells to make sure that there were no more walkers in the block. You could tell that Rick didn’t want kill the off the remaining walkers that were in the cells. But he had to do it.
The security breach is making a lot of people nervous and wondering about what is going on.
#5: Ah, Carol 
There was a man that Carol helped named Ryan. He had two girls Lizzie and Mika. Ryan was bit pretty bad. So much so that he was going to lose his life. He asked Carol to look after his two girls as if they were her own. Carol agrees to look after them.
Carol brought in Lizzie and Mika so that they could say goodbye to their dad. Ryan quickly passed away. Carol handed a knife to Lizzie so she could kill her dad before he turns. This dude was pretty big. So if he turned they would have a problem on their hands. Lizzie freaked out and refused to do it. Carol took the knife quickly and stabbed Ryan. Mika tries to calm down Lizzie. Mind you Mika is the little sister and Lizzie is the big sister. Ironic isn’t it?
Carol finds Lizzie standing in front of the perimeter fence outside the prison. She gets on Lizzie for not killing her dad’s corpse. Carol tells Lizzie that she is weak and that she has to act fast every time. Lizzie can’t be no wimp when it comes to walkers coming all in face ready to eat her. She’s got to be gangsta. Lizzie cries telling Carol, “He’s dead. He was special and now he’s dead.” Carol thought Lizzie was talking about her dad. Then she starts talking about a walker that had a name tag that read Nick on it. Mika tells Carol, “Lizzie isn’t weak. She is messed up.” I honestly don’t know what that was all about. I am pretty sure we will know more maybe in the upcoming episode.
Inside the prison, Carl and Carol have a conversation. She asks him not to tell Rick that she is teaching the kids about how to use weapons to survive. Carl doesn’t want to lie to his dad. He asks Carol if she will tell the kids parents. She says no.  She explains that if Rick finds out maybe he could tell their parents. They may or may not understand why Carol is teaching them survival skills. So the heat would go off of her and be on Rick. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to tell Rick face to face. She doesn’t want to take full responsibility of what she is doing. But I do think what Carol is doing is smart. Those kids need to know how to survive if they get confronted with a walker. They have to protect themselves. She could have just been honest with Rick and told him what she is doing. I think Rick would have been cool with it. She shouldn’t have brought Carl in the middle of it.
I can also understand why Carl doesn’t want to keep anything from his dad. I also think that he didn’t want to be in the middle of anything that involved his dad and someone else. Those are grown people’s issues. He is just a kid. More on that in event #10: Father & Son Moment – Part 2.
#6: Flu or Something Else???
Is it the flu? Is it a virus? Who knows? It is making people sick and die at a rapid pace. With Patrick there were no bits or wounds on him. So as Hershel, Bob the Medic, and another guy who seems to be a medical professional examines a walkers body (His name was Charlie). They found no wounds or bites on him either. The three person medical team concluded that there is a virus afoot.
Hershel believes the virus may have been contracted was probably spread from the pigs that Rick was taking care of. He declares that the people who have came in contact and those who haven’t should be separated until they look into this more. So everybody has to be careful to avoid close contact for awhile. That means Glenn and Maggie can’t hug or make out. Tyreese and Karen can’t be in kissy face mode. Just to be on the safe side.
D Block is considered not safe for the people who have came in contact with the virus. Karen told Hershel and the medic team (Bob and the other guy) that he noticed another person named David coughing. She started coughing too. The council decides to put the ones who are sick in Cell Block A (Death Row). It is more clean and sterile there. So Karen and David are the first ones to be put into that cell block.
So a case of Swine Flu is literally killing people and turning in to walkers huh? Crazy!
#7: Rick Scared of Being the Leader Again
Now I understand why they have a council. The council collectively make decisions in the group now that Rick took a break from being the leader for awhile. I honestly believe that he is scared. He’s afraid of making irrational decisions for the group that will jeopardize thier lives if he becomes a leader again.
Daryl told Rick that he would be better in the fight if he had his gun. Even though Rick earned his time by choosing not resort to violence, he tells him if it wasn’t for the choices he made to get them here thus far, they wouldn’t be alive right now. Rick shouldn’t feel bad about the choices and sacrifices he’s made in order to keep his crew alive. I know at times it haunts him. But he is a great leader. I know he is going to come back and be an even better when he feels ready to do so.
#8: What the Crap is Going On Here?!?!
So there were a ton of walkers about to tear down one of the fences in the prison yard. Like it was give in any minute. Which will make it the second security breach of the day. While the crew tries to fight off the clusters of walkers, Sasha finds something incredibly strange. She finds a bunch of half eaten rats on the ground. Remember the mystery person who was feeding the rats to walkers in the middle of the night? I guess this is what he or she wanted. To leave a mark and to start putting the pieces together to find out who did it.
Rick gets an idea and tells Daryl to get the truck (Whooooo Rick ^_^) . He puts all the pigs in on the flatbed of the truck and fed them to the walkers. Rick’s strategy was to separate the huge group of walkers into little groups. So he fed the pigs one by one luring the walkers away from the fence making it easy to properly secure it.
I know this means that it leaves less food for the group, but it stopped the walkers from breaking the fence down endangering the prison. I am proud of Rick for thinking of that awesome idea. He seemed a little bit hesitant to do it, but I am glad he did.
#9: Little Asskicker & Michonne Have a Moment 
This moment right here, had me going awwwww.
Little Asskicker (Judith) spit up on Beth. She asks Michonne to if she could hold her while she gets a cloth or something clean herself up. Michonne was scared but she held her anyway. As Michonne starts to hold her, she breaks down and cries.
We don’t really know much of Michonne’s story. Why did she get emotional holding Judith? I really hope that as the season goes along, they will share some of her story. It will be interesting to know more about her.
That was the first time I ever seen Michonne show any type of emotion. It was pretty cool to see that. She is pretty badass but presenting a different side of her that shows her a little bit vulnerable was quite refreshing. I know there are moments where Michonne just want to break down and cry her eyes out. There is nothing wrong with that. Showing emotion is what makes us human. Michonne is just an awesome human being.  Little Asskicker serves as the shining light out of the whole group that gives people hope to keep on living.
#10: Father & Son Time Moment – Part 2
Rick believes the pigs weren’t the reason people got sick from the virus. He believes that the people are ones who made the pigs sick. He tells Carl that they have both have to stay way from Judith (Little Asskicker) for awhile just to be safe until things calm down. Carl tells Rick about Carol teaching the kids how to use weapons. He suggests that Rick should let Carol continue to teach them. Even though he wasn’t supposed to know, Rick told Carl that she wouldn’t stop her or say anything. Rick gives Carl back his gun. Rick also gets his own gun (from the tool box). I think the Rick Grimes we all know and love may be making a comeback.
#11: Uh-Oh…
Tyreese made his way to Cell Block A to visit Karen. He noticed that she wasn’t in her cell. There was also a trail of blood on the floor. He followed the trail till he made it outside. He found the dead bodies of Karen and David burned with a gas can lying right in front of them. This freaked Tyreese out.   This marks the third security breach of the episode. Someone inside the prison burned those two bodies. Damn mystery person again. Or is it more than one person who is in on sabotaging the prison? My theories on that on the next episode recap.
Things are starting to get very interesting people. Can’t wait to see the next episode!!!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^
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TWD Season 4, Episode 1: 30 Days Without an Accident (Recap)


Like the millions fans out there, I was so excited for the season premiere of The Walking Dead this past Sunday (October 13, 2013). I will say that it was a good episode. But there were a few things that I would like to share with y’all.
Now if you haven’t seen the episode, then I advise you not to read any further. It will contain some spoilers. But its been a week since the episode has been out. So if you seen it, then you’re good ^_^.
So the first episode has the entire camp (Rick’s crew and the rescued people from The Govenor) in good spirits. Everyone is happy and smiling. Some people are in love. Children are running and laughing. You can say that everybody is happy. There have been no accidents involving walkers in a long time. Just when you thought things were good, there is always something lurking around the corner. That will mess things up.
I give you eight things that made me start to use my thinking cap extra hard while watching “30 Days Without an Accident.” These episode events are in no particular order.
#1: Rick Without His Gun
Now when I was first watching the episode, and saw the part where Rick found the buried pistol, I thought to myself: “Why did Rick bury this pistol in the ground?” and “Why did Hershel and the rest of the council urge him to take a gun with him when he went out to the woods?” You know last season, Rick was pretty hardcore and gangsta. Now its like he’s changed. Maybe because things are more peaceful around the prison. I know there must be a reason why he doesn’t want to carry a gun. But to me it just seems weird considering all the crap he’s been though to keep his son, Little Asskicker (Judith) and the rest of crew alive. Of course Rick has his knife. Sometimes having a knife won’t cut it if you have like 10 walkers surrounding you. Just make a kill shot stance, and blast all of them suckers! Problem solved.

#2: Bob, the Army Medic 

If I were Sasha, I would have told Bob just to hold on there a little bit. I mean its cool that he is an Army Medic with medical training. I know he wants to help out, but it just makes me a little bit suspicious of him. I wanted Sasha to say, “Nah, you stay back dude. You ain’t ready to fight no walkers yet!” But she gave him a chance. I just don’t know about him.  His loyality just seems a bit iffy. That’s just how I think. I will talk more about that later in the #4 (Zach vs. Bob: Who Would You Save?) event. He’s only been at the prison for a week. Pssh.

#3: Shady Lady Clara 
So Rick was in the forest doing stuff, when he noticed a strange woman named Clara in his path. She was hungry and desperately searching for food. Rick decides to be a Good Samaritan and gives her some food. That should be the end of it right? NO!
Clara asks Rick if and her husband can join his crew. If it were me, I would have just given her the food, smiled at her, and be on my merry way down the forest. But Rick as always gives the benefit of the doubt. He tells Clara that he wants to meet her husband first to ask him three questions. In my mind I’m like: “Noooooo Rick! What the crap are you doing?” Why are you following some strange shady lady to their camp site to meet an even stranger and shadier man? They could freakin kill you man! KILL YOU!
She says to Rick, “If it wasn’t for her husband, she wouldn’t have been alive.” Blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river.
Clara and Rick reached the campsite. This lady walks over to a bag (Remains of her husband is in the bag. Already turned as a walker. ) talking to him saying that Rick is going to help them. Nah lady. Just Nah.
Next thing you know, Clara, the crazy lady, comes at Rick with a knife. Alright -PAUSE- First of all, if someone was coming at me with a knife, I would shoot to kill. That is threatening my personal space. She was basically going to kill Rick and feed him to her husband. You know Rick Grimes ain’t going down like that.
Then Clara turns the knife on herself and says: “I can’t be without my husband.” Boom! She stabs herself.  Rick asks her his three questions: “How many walkers you killed? and How many people you killed?” Clara says: “Just me.” Then Rick asks, “Why?” She answers, “You don’t get to come back from things you’ve done.” Then she dies.
This is perfect example of Stranger Danger. You don’t help a person who looks crapped out of their mind. Then they turn out trying to kill you. Yeah the only person she killed was herself. Bullcrap! She probably killed more people to get to that moment when she was trying to scam Rick. That lady was crazy yo!
#4: Zach vs Bob: Who Would You Save?
Okay so Bob, the Army Medic, was in the alcoholic beverage isle (at the Big Spot! Store) looking at the nice bottles of wine on the shelf. He looked at them with this love and desire in his eyes. He wanted to just get one bottle and tuck it in his bag. No one would notice. Just as he was about to grab a bottle, the shelf fell on him, causing loud noises.  Bob was pinned underneath the shelf that fell on him. With loud noises that causes the walkers to go see what all the fuss is about.
Then it was raining walkers at one point. One of the walkers that fell through the roof starts to reach for Zach (newcomer). While all of this was happening, a helicopter on top of the roof was caving in.
Now I know only one person could have been saved. But if it was me, I would have saved Zach. If Bob hadn’t had been so tempted to get that bottle of wine, the shelf wouldn’t have fell, no raining walkers, and everyone would have gotten out of the store alive. It was just a simple store run for crap sakes.
Plus what really got me is how Bob kept screaming: “HEY!” while he was pinned down. Daryl (I believe) was  helping Bob get free. Don’t you know walkers are like bloodhounds to sound you big dummy!?!? That really irritated me. I feel like if you are going to do some store runs, you need to learn the basics so ya ass won’t get bit up by a walker. So Zach lost his life and Bob lived. I was hoping Zach would stick around for a few episodes. It sucks.
#5: Glenn & Maggie: Thinking About Babies?
Glenn was happy to hear that Maggie wasn’t pregnant. But Maggie told Glenn that it would be nice to raise a baby here at the prison. I know Glenn is worried about Maggie surviving the pregnancy. I mean you know what happened to Lori when she had Little Asskicker (Judith). I have to agree with Glenn. Its crazy to think that they can raise a child right now in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Maggie says she is not afraid of being alive. I just think talking about babies right now is the last thing she should worry about. But she is in love with a guy who she is going to spend the rest of her life with. Its not wrong for her to think of these things. I don’t think anyone could blame her in feeling happy. I just hope Maggie stays baby free for awhile.
#6: Michonne – Hunting the Governor 
Michonne who is the dopest woman character on the show is on a mission. She is looking for The Governor. Michonne believes that he is hiding out in Macon. I don’t blame her for it either. I mean he’s a freakin’ douche bag that pretty much killed her homie Andrea. Don’t judge me, but I kind of miss Andrea. I know he still has it in for her for what she did to his daughter. But Michonne had to put that little girl out of her misery.
I am pretty sure that some people know that she is looking for The Governor. I am not quite sure on that yet. I am pretty sure as the season unfolds, people are going to find out what Michonne is up to. This is just a guess, but I think that the council doesn’t know.
Michonne has every right to seek her revenge on The Governor. I really hope she does.
#7: Pig (Infected or Not Infected)
Well I called it. I knew there was something wrong with Violet! My only guess is that pig was bit by a walker without anyone knowing it. And the meat that they were cooking was infected with walker bites. Crazy!
All I have to say is this. If I was in a Zombie Apocalypse, and I had a choice between meat or a generous supply of ramen noodles, guess what I would pick? Ramen Noodles for the win! Yeah meat is tempting to eat but you don’t know where its been. You don’t know if its contaminated or not. With Ramen Noodles, you don’t have to worry about that. You will get fed. You will survive. You live to see another day.
It just makes you think. If you bringing in livestock for human consumption, the first thing you would think about is it safe for the people to eat. Safety first people. Which makes me really worried about what’s going to happen in the upcoming episode.
#8: Patrick (Nerdy Boy Walker)
Poor Patrick. He got to shake Daryl’s hand. Then he started to get really sick. Now he has turned into a walker. I hate to say this but it was probably the meat he ate that did it. Now all hell is about to turn loose at the prison. This Sunday is going to be a good episode.
Well those are my thoughts about the first episode of Season 4 of TWD. Hopefully I do these episode recaps every week and try to have them posted before the next new episode starts on Sunday.
Comment on this and let me know what you think. It would be awesome to get feedback on this.
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

Yeun Man Crush Love

Steven Yuen

Before I start this blog post, I just want to define what a Man Crush is. It’s pretty much a musician, artist, or athlete who I am very fond of and respect mainly for their talents. Also if they possess an awesome personality they are considered a dope person in my book. For the record, I am in no way a crazy stalker groupie fan. I am one of those fans that would be totally calm and cool if I ever got the opportunity to meet a celebrity. So there ya go!

Those who know me know that one of my favorite TV Shows ever is The Walking Dead (TWD). I have been a fan of the show since last year. Yes I know I started really late on loving the show but through the help of Netflix and certain websites of the internet, I have caught up with all three seasons of the show. From watching the TWD, I have become a fan of a lot of characters on the show. But there is one character in particular who I am a huge fan of. His name is Steven Yuen. He plays Glenn Rhee on TWD.

Now there are many reasons why I love Glenn on TWD:

—- He is sweet.

——He is sensitive.

—— He has become a freakin’ badass.

—— He is smart.

—— He is pretty much a strategist in many ways.

—— He is adorable.

—— There are times when I see him on the show and he comes into the scene. I whisper: “I love you” as a formal greeting.

—— He is so badass. I know I have said this twice but it’s so damn true!

One day I decided to check out Steven Yeun’s bio just out of curiosity. I found out so many cool things about him.

—— He is a Michigan native! (Even though he was born in Seoul, South Korea)  He is from Troy, Michigan which is about 30 minutes away from Detroit.

—— His parents own two Beauty Supply Stores in Detroit.

—— He is a very handsome young man.

—— He has a brother named Brian who has a gourmet food truck called “The Bun Truck” which he runs in Los Angeles.

—— His birthday is on December 21st.  My birthday is on December 29th. Coincidence, I think not.

—— He graduated from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan with a BA in Psychology.

—— He can sing and play the guitar quite beautifully.

—— He is a huge Detroit Pistons fan.

—— He did improv comedy at Second City in Chicago before moving to LA.

—— After his parents gave him just two years to pursue his acting dream, in 2010 he landed one of the main character roles on TWD as Glenn Rhee.

—— He has an adorable a black goldendoodle (golden retriever-poodle mix) named Agnes. She is just too cute!

To add more about my fandom, I have made a photo album dedicated to Yuen. I made a vlog post on my YouTube Channel (The AshNerdStar Report) pretty much sharing why I am a big fan of him. I have watched maybe every interview he has done. He’s such an interesting person. It would be really awesome to meet and have a conversation with him.

I have been thinking about a way for Steven to either favorite, follow, or tweet me back on Twitter. The only thing I have tweeted him so far was: “Hey Steven ^_^. How are you?” No response whatsoever. I will not give up my quest. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could interview him for my blog?!?! That would be dooooope!!!!

Well that sums up the many reasons of why I have a man crush on Steven Yeun. I have no idea if he will ever read this. You know what? I am not even going to say that anymore. I feel like I am jinxing a future moment of awesomeness that may occur.

I shall leave with this quote Steven said about Detroit:

“People think that Detroit is this barren wasteland. While there are parts that are not as nice as others, the misconception is not true. It is definitely not a thriving community in Detroit, but it is getting there. There is a lot of heart and love in this city.”

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

Source: On the Road with Steven Yuen. By Oliver Singer (Interview Magazine, 2012)

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