Why I ♥ TaeYang ^_^

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I don’t know when I started to love Dong Young Bae aka TaeYang aka YoungBae. For those who don’t know who TaeYang is, he is a South Korean singer/dancer who is apart of a K-Pop group called Big Bang. TaeYang started training under YG Entertainment when he was 12 years old. He became a member of Big Bang in 2006. You may wonder how did I got into listening to K-Pop? I shall share how. I will also of how I became a fan of not only the group, but also TaeYang.
I started listening to Big Bang a year or so ago. I guess you can say that I am a newbie VIP. I still am. One of my favorite songs from them is Bad Boy. Of course I like Blue, Fantastic, Baby, Monster, HARU HARU, Tonight, Beautiful Hangover, and many others. But Bad Boy stuck out to me the most. Why? Pretty much the beat and the lyrics drew me in. But as I was watching the video for the thousandth time, I noticed one person from the other four that caught me eye.
I love GD (G-Dragon), T.O.P, Seungri, and Daesung. They are some really talented dudes. It was something about YoungBae. In my mind, I started to say to myself in Future’s voice from “Turn on the Lights”: “I think I love him.” And it wasn’t like “Oh I want to marry him and have his kids” kind of love. That would be strangely awkward and weird. Even stalker type behavior. But it was the kind of love I have for people that are talented. Like I would want to meet him someday. Talk about random stupid things or serious issues and laugh. Take some pictures to cherish this moment forever. I tend to daydream quite a bit. When that happens, I write my thoughts down. This is one of those moments.
YoungBae sings like an angel, raps like a beast, and dances with precision and skill. He also has a smile that shines as bright as the sun. His stage name TaeYang actually means sun. Whenever I look at pics of him smiling, I smile. His smile is infectious. So darn infectious. Sighs. He has a different style and swag (I shall only use this word once. I don’t even use it any more. It seemed fitting to use it.) that I have never seen before. Its funny, but whenever I see pictures or videos of him I kind of fangirl internally. There is only one other person I do that for. His name is Bruno Mars. TaeYang is the only other person that makes me feel that way.
Here are some facts about TaeYang that you may, may not, or already know about him:
#1: Became ‘interested’ in music after hearing Brian McKnight’s first album when he was little.
#2: TaeYang has an older brother, Dong Hyun Bae. He’s an actor.
#3: He talks in his sleep.
#4: He has never had a girlfriend before.
#5: Known to be extremely shy and nervous around girls, has become better but still unable to speak or look at them.
#6: Dislikes when people make face judgements about them.
#7: Says if he weren’t a music artist, he’d be a Gag Man.
#8: His biggest conflict with GD was during trainee years and it was over a basketball game where he even grabbed GD by the collar because he was so mad.
#9:Chooses love over work.
#10:One of his favorite songs is ‘Frankie J – Don’t Wanna Try’.
#11: Always carries his ipod, bible, and English vocab cards in his backpack and sometimes energy drinks.
I know that TaeYang has put out one EP (Hot, 2008) and one album (Solar, 2010). YoungBae’s sound is R&B/Pop feel with those two albums. His second album Rise comes out on November 11th. His current album has more of an Hip-Hop vibe to it. Its been three years since YoungBae has put out any new music. I know that caused a lot of his fans to wait in anticipation. Biting their nails, pacing back and forth, maybe fidgeting a lot.  Waiting when new music was going to come out. I even wondered myself if he was going to come out with new stuff.
I can tell you some of my favorite songs from both Hot and Solar:
Only Look At Me (Look Only At Me)
I’ll Be There
Wedding Dress
Where U At
Take It Slow
After You Sleep
I Need A Girl
Not to mention he covered songs I saw on YouTube like Frankie J’s “Don’t Wanna Try,” Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me,” and Beyonce’s song (Frank Ocean wrote for her) called, “I Love You.” Plus there is this dope dance he did on a Korean Variety Show called the “Sushi Dance” that is so cool. Some of TaeYang’s musical influences include Michael Jackson and Usher. I can see in some ways how he resemble Usher, but I think YoungBae is in a league all his own.
YoungBae recently released his first single off his second album Rise, called “RINGA LINGA” on November 8th 2013. Since its release it has topped the singles charts in Korea. The single became #1 in five countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Macao. When the Music Video (MV) was released on YouTube on November 10th, it got 1 million views within 13 hours of being released. His fans received his comeback really well.
TaeYangAlbum Taeyangblondehair
There maybe some people who may not like the video or his new style. I personally love it! You have to understand that music artists can’t just stay in one box all the time and just have one sound. Of course that’s what made you fall in love with them. But I respect music artists who keep evolving their sound. Challenging themselves to create something that they may be surprised would never come out from them. Is TaeYang’s sound different from the other two projects that he put out in the past? Yes. Artists who take their time to create something that not only they will be proud of but also their fans will be proud of. I really don’t think TaeYang is worried about the critics or even fans downplaying his new sound. I think he is just really excited about making music and putting it out there for the people to enjoy.
So why do I love TaeYang? Of course he is handsome and adorable. But I love him mainly because he is a talented individual who loves music and is dedicated in what he does. Music is more than just words, notes, and sounds. Its about creation and expression. Its about sharing your creative expressions to the world. I think his album Rise will do well. I am excited to hear his new music. New music always excites me. I will be a fan of TaeYang forever. How could I not be a fan of him? His smile yo. Sorry I am having flashbacks about his smile. I like guys with nice warm welcoming smiles.
So with that I will leave you with this quote:
Follow your heart, not your head. Follow your passion.
— TaeYang
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.
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YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears #1: How the World reacted to Kim & Kanye’s Baby Name

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

On June 15th, 2013, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl. Apparently the name for the child alone has caused more additional media coverage along with the pregnancy. Now you may be saying: “Ashley, why are you adding more attention to this matter?” I am so glad you asked that question. Well as the history of celebrity and the media have proven there is one thing that happens quite often. When a celebrity has a baby, the child’s name that they give them is so unique it causes a huge media frenzy over it.

We have heard various unique or strange celebrity baby names:




Pliot Inspekctor

Rainbow Ahora

Blue Ivy (Everyone knows whose child this is)

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altatune Florence (This child has five names)

FiFi Trixibelle

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily

Out of this small list of baby names I have presented to you all, these names cannot compare to the one Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West named their daughter. Ladies and gentlemen the name that they chose for their daughter is: North West.

Now this is what pretty much grinds my gears. The previous name that they both had picked out for the child was Kaidence Donda West. Now the meaning of the name Kaidence comes from Latin American orgin. Kaidence  means “rhythm.” Donda of course is the name of Kanye’s late mother who passed away in 2007. Now this would be considered a pretty name for a girl. But oh no! Kim and Kanye wanted to choose a name that was a popular name for boys in the United States in 1885. I ask you why in the hell would you name a girl a boy’s name?!?! And what also is bad is that the nickname they supposedly gave to the child.The nickname is even better than the name for the child itself. The nickname for baby girl North is Nuri. In Japanese, Nuri means “belief” or “Law.” It also carries an Arabic meaning of “bright” and “luminous.” The meaning of North carries two meanings. One it states a particular geographical location. Two, you say North West together, and the child is named after a popular airline chain.

Of course many people have made jokes about Kim and Kanye’s name choice. I understand that when North or Nuri is old enough she could change her name into something that is more suitable for her. She may even keep the name. Use as a main staple if her dream is to become an entertainer like her father. But honestly, if my parents gave me this name, I would file for emancipation papers. If you ask me that name is kind of bogus. Celebrities do some of the most off the wall things only due to the fact that they have money, fame, and power.

So for all you expecting parents out there trying to find the perfect name for your child or children be smart. Think carefully. I know you want a unique name that carries some kind of significant meaning. If you love your soon-to-be born child, pick a name that resembles the love and care you will give them for the next 18 years of their life. On that note, I wish Kim and Kanye congrats on their beautiful bundle of joy. But that name though. Yikes!

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.


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