About The AshNerdStar Report

Ash Smirking

I started this blog in November in 2011 called “AshNerdStar Hip-Hop Music Blog” on Tumblr. It was initially about a hip-hop music and culture. Now I want to talk about all kinds of music that I enjoy along with interviewing cool talented individuals and other topics.  Since I really want to make a real impact on starting this again, I made just a couple changes.

#1: Blog Name Change to “The AshNerdStar Report”

Just felt that the new name change would be catchy and also shorter to say.

#1: Blog Features
The blog posts will range from music, movie, TV, shows, general issues or topics. I will also be conducting interviews with various artists, musicians, photographers, or anyone who has a passion of doing something that they love to share it with the world.
My dream is to have a career as an entertainment magazine writer/contributor.
Stay Classy, Homies but also:

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