AshleyNerdStar’s Five Favorite Things: Sneaker Edition

I am a bit of a sneaker fanatic. So what better way to kick off this inaugural post by listing some of my favorite things than to share my love of sneakers to the world. So I picked 5 dope sneakers that will make any avid sneaker lover happy.
#1: Air Jordan 5 (Laney)
Sneaker #1(Air Jordan 5 Laney)
Released – November 2, 2013 
The dope pair of Jordans you see here above are inspired by a particular high school that one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA attended. Well it may be easy to guess who it is, but Michael Jordan attended Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. According to, its been 13 years since these Royal Blue & Yellow sneaks dropped in 2000. Now you can cop these sneaks and sport them with care or add them to your ever growing Jordan collection.
#2: Nike SB Dunk Hi, Tropical Blue & University Gold 
 Sneaker #2(Nike SB Teal & Gold)
Released – August 2013 
Blue is my favorite color. All kinds of blue whether light or dark blue makes me smile. So when I saw these Tropical Blue & University Gold Nike SB Dunk Hi’s, I instantly fell in love with them. The University Gold Nike Swoosh that creates the centerpiece to the Tropical Blue suede canvas makes the sneaker highly appealing. In addition to the University Gold accents inside and on the tongue of the shoe, the color white complements the midsole (and shoe laces) very well. I would definitely be on the search to get these awesome kicks!
#3: Air Jordan 4 (Toro Bravo)
Sneaker #3 (Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo)
Released – July 13, 2013 
Jordan 4’s are my favorite Air Jordans in my mind. Why? I guess to me they are more stylish than the others. I like 5’s as well as 6’s. I don’t know what it is about 4’s. They are just dope to me. These Fire Red, White, Black, and Cement Grey Jordan 4’s aka Toro Bravo’s would make a great addition to your sneaker family. They were just released this past July. So they are still new but can grow into a Jordan sneaker classic.
#4: Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi, Purple Dynasty
Sneaker #4 (Nike WMNS Hi Purple Dynasty) nike-wmns-dunk-sky-hi-purple-dynasty-06-570x425
Released – October 2013
One of my other favorite colors is purple. I have some dark purple dunks that I call, “Purple Rain.” Its true. I may make a post showing you a little bit of the cool sneaks I have. When I first saw the Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi Purple Dynasty sneaks, the bright purple color pulled me in. Despite the fact that these are wedge sneakers, I would actually wear them. Not a big fan of them. I am more of a non-wedge sneaker lover myself. These dunks are designed for the woman who wants to look fresh and cute all at the same time. The design of the sneakers is pretty cool. describes the design of the Purple Dynasty sneaker as “tonal black and Dark Loden pebbled with leather/suede combinations.” So ladies if you are looking for a stylish yet regal looking sneaker, the Purple Dynasty Dunk Sky Hi may be the right one for you.
#5: Air Jordan 1 – Retro High OG (Laney)
Sneaker #5 (Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Laney)
Set to be Released – November 16, 2013 
We are going back to Michael Jordan’s high school alma mater with these Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Laney High School inspired sneaks. The Royal Blue (suede) seems to pop out more as the Yellow (leather) seems to be the backdrop of this classic sneaker. You can get these cool sneaks, just in time for holidays. They are slated to be released in a couple of weeks this November.
Honorable Mention: Air Jordan 5 ‘3 Lab 5 x Versace Custom
Released – August 8, 2013
Just had to share these dope pair of kicks. These burgundy (main color) with black elephant print and gold accent custom kicks makes these Jordans to stand out from the rest. To finish off this unique design the famous Versace Medusa logo is imprinted on the heel of the sneaker.  These will make a great addition to your collection and my possibly be a covnersation starter if you sport these joints around the town.
There are more sneaker brands I like. Sorry to go all Jordan and Dunks on you. Those are my top two favs.
If you have any dope sneaks links you would like to share with me comment under the post below. Always open to see fresh new kicks!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.


Joselann Ausby: AMBWP♥ Administrator Seeing No Color with Love and Relationships

Joselann Ausby, is the Administrator of a Facebook group called, “AMBWP♥.” The North Carolina resident, but Maryland native, created the Facebook group in 2011. AMBWP♥’s sole purpose is to “empower newbies, influence AMBW virgins, and allow AMBW oldies to share their experiences.” AMBWP♥ notes in the information section about the group that “Not only they encourage interactions between Asian Men and Black Women, but they also support others through relations (whether good or bad) online and offline.” The also helps group members to “gain knowledge that will further help others through AMBW endeavors, and relationships.” Since the group started in 2011, Joselann has hosted AMBWP♥ Meet-Ups and other events. In addition to that she has also launched a website for AMBWP♥, continuing to spread the message of positivity through interracial relationships. Joselann shares how she started the group, the AMBWP♥ website, and what she sees in the future for both endeavors.
Please read, learn, and enjoy ^_^.
#1: You are an administrator of a group on Facebook called, “AMBWP♥.” Can you share a little bit about what the acronym stands for and the overall purpose of the group in general? 
AMBWP = Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion
AMBWP is not your typical AMBW group. We have the P and it stands for persuasion. AMBWP is open to all races whose persuasion is Asian men and Black women.
Thru everything that I do online and offline, I promote Black women and Asian men to not be afraid, to look at all your options and not limit yourself. Don’t limit yourself in who you love, your friendships, and your cultural experiences. Everything you do and everyone you meet impacts your life.
#2: What made you become interested in starting and running the group? Explain how AMBWP♥ was born how it was and presented to the masses.
The group was created in 2011. At first it was created as a hobby just to pass the time. I never thought I would do much with it because it was something online. As time went on it opened my eyes to so many different experiences, good and bad. Every experience I gained pushed me forward. So in 2012, I wanted to set AMBWP apart from the rest so I began to host meet-ups offline. Majority of people fear meeting people offline because they are scared of all the unknowns. The meet-ups broke down those fears by giving people a safe environment to come together and mingle. They also don’t have to fear meeting somebody new by themselves because they are meeting in a group.
#3: Why do you feel interracial relationships should be celebrated and recognized instead, of being criticized and judged upon?
Interracial relationships should be celebrated because they are beautiful. They are the product of individuals loving each other and looking beyond color or race and a lot of times religion.
#4: What do you love most about the AMBWP♥ group on Facebook?
I love the Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion group on Facebook because they are one of the most accepting groups out there. We don’t have the drama and the individuals in my group love to interact and have fun. We do have those few trolls that like to lurk… but they are taken care of with a simple click.
#5: A few months ago the AMBWP♥ website was launched ( to bring even more people into the AMBW community. Can you tell me about the website and how it sets apart from the Facebook group?
Right now the website is up and coming. It’s a way to connect individuals who normally do not get on Facebook to our events. We will have a forum and chat room that you can access from online and from any mobile device by Summer of 2014 and an interactive forum. This will give more people a chance from around the world to interact and share experiences.
#6: What is the most irritating question someone has asked you regarding the AMBW community and relationships? Explain why.
 I know this answer will burn a few people and upset them. But it needs to be said.
Irritating Question 1: Can you hook me up with  K-Pop / K-Drama looking men?
Answer: That is fantasy and make-up.
Irritating Question 2: Can you hook me up with a Korean man or Japanese man?
Answer: You shouldn’t limit yourself to just “1 type of Asian man.” There are more nationalities of Asians that you might think about. Also, a lot of those men that you think are one nationality of Asian may turn out to be something totally different. You should focus on the person and not the nationality.
Asian Countries Reference: (Good link to check out ^_^)
#7: You host AMBWP♥ meet-ups in different cities around the country where others can interact, mingle, and have fun socializing with each other. What is the process in putting one of those meet-ups together?
Yes, I do host AMBWP Meet-ups in different cities around the country. They are a lot of work. More than what most people know. Buttttttt, I can’t give out my secrets. 😉
#8: If you could describe both the AMBWP♥ Facebook group and the website in 5 words, what would they be and why?
Everyday it’s growing and evolving.
#9: Where do you see yourself, the AMBWP♥ Facebook group, AMBWP♥ website, and AMBW community in the next 5 to 10 years down the line?
To be honest, I don’t know. The community has grown so much in the last couple of years that it’s hard to make a prediction. The goal of AMBWP is to push forward the movement of loving without boundaries.
#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers about any upcoming events to look out for?
We do have our Annual New Year’s Eve Bash coming up December 30-31, 2013 in Atlanta.
Also we just recently had our 2 nd Annual Chicago Meet-up. It is currently the largest and fastest growing meet-up of the year that we host. I try to make it a point to let people know well in advance for the meet-ups so that they can make arrangements to join us.This year at the Chicago Meet-up we had people representing IL, MI, WI, NC, NY, OH, and TX. Also, because Chicago is our biggest event of the year we will be hosting our 1st Loving Day Festival there on June 6- 7, 2014. We will also be introducing Delightful Kiss Maid and Butler Café.
Anybody that wants to be notified when we are currently having a social in the future can just add our profile page: AMBW Persuasion as a friend on Facebook.
I would like to thank Joselann for allowing me to interview her. I really appreciate it.  The AMBWP♥ group is a great success. It has grown so much! Its really awesome to see people doing positive things and promoting positivity through building healthy relationships with people of other races. I wish nothing but love and success with the group along with the website.
If you are interested in joining the AMBWP♥ group on Facebook here is the link for it:
Here are some other links to check out as well to support Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion to stay up to date with any events they have going on:

Facebook Profile:

Facebook Like:



YouTube Channel:

Official Merchandise (calendars, bracelets, and more):


Love is love. No matter what color. So instead of bashing others who have found it with someone outside of their race, let’s start to embrace it. More love, less war. That would make the world more peaceful.
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^