Curse of Chucky – Movie Review by DahliaRose


Hey Homies ^_^. One of my good friends by the name of DahliaRose will be doing movie reviews from time to time.  She reviewed the straight to DVD movie, “Curse of Chucky.” Please read and enjoy!!!

Hi Horror fans, this Dahliarose!! I recently view this tongue in cheek revival of the child’s play series. This little gem has been recently added to the franchise. What makes it unique is the fact that horror has returned (FINALLY!). I am a die-hard horror fan and I was so psyched to view this film. Sadly, I gave this film a 3 in a half star review. It is worth the watch. The movie is direct to video for those who do not like theaters (overpriced jerks!).

At first this film starts off slow (sorry a big no-no in my book). If anyone plans to kick start a horror franchise you never move the story so slowly. Also I am not loving the small portion of special effects. Either the effects is very vague or unconvincing (check out the gripes you’ll understand). Because of the location the film does not venture far of the location and the pace of film might bore you a bit.

Now for the highlights of the film. The location (yes I nagged about it) but the inside was beautiful, damp, dark, and down-right creepy. I had some chills just watching the characters living there (good suspense). It is not as gory, but just enough to satisfy any blood lust. Chucky is scary and still a bit funny, but quite wicked with his slick tongue.

The film takes place I believe four years after “Seed of Chucky”. Yes this film is about unfinished business. Its the reason why Charles Lee Ray became a family killer (well in the first few films he a notorious strangler and crook). Now I won’t go the story any further as I am not a spoiler. All I can say is go watch the other Chucky films and if you haven’t yet watch them. All four films in total are about 8 hours of your life that you won’t get back (LOL).

Oh also watch the end credits. It is a special treat for those who haven’t seen a special someone in a long time.

Hope y’all enjoyed her movie review!!! If you are a old or new fan of Chucky go check “Curse of Chucky” out now on DVD. Just in time for Halloween folks. Thanks DahliaRose for this awesome movie review ^_^.

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.