The AshNerdStar Report Interview Information

Please submit a brief bio about yourself and your career. This will give me a better idea about what  Interview questions to ask you. Provide at least 3 photos (4 or more if you are a artist, photographer, etc.) to use to when I write up your blog post.

If you would like to post any music or music video submit that information to me as well.

The contact information will be provided down below.

You can contact with me on:

Twitter: @LadyAshNerdStar


Message me on The AshNerdStar Report Page on Facebook:

Oh if you’re reading this by random, don’t forget to like my support The AshNerdStar Report on Facebook. Type the name under the search key and*Like the page* to show your support for me.


If you have any questions for me about the blog or anything just get at me. You can reach me on Twitter, Gmail, or The AshNerdStar Report Page on Facebook.

Spread the word and invite others!!!!!

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

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