Brittney Parker, Keeping the Visionista Movement Alive


Meet Brittney Parker. Model. Mentor. Vlogger. Actress. Wife. Mother. Visionista. For those of you who don’t know what a “Visionista” is Brittney defines it as the “act of power sensing with the eyes, mind, and heart. A driven woman with ambition, talent, and skill. All with a strut in her step.” I guess if I put myself in this category I would call myself a “Nerdy Visionista.”

This California native (now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada) has been working hard for years achieving her own dreams while inspiring others to do so. Her YouTube Channel “MissParker TV” has over 7,600 subscribers.  Her Facebook page of the same name has over 700 likes. Oh I almost forgot, she has over 2,100 followers on her Twitter as well. How does this beautiful, strong, and ambitious woman does it?
Brittney took some time from her busy schedule to share about how her Visionista movement began and how she’s maintained it as I interviewed her.

#1:  Explain to the readers out there what MissParkerTV is all about.  What makes it unique than the many other YouTube channels that are out there?

MissParkerTV is everything I’ve ever wanted to capture. It’s unique because with the all the talent on Youtube, I have many opportunities to share who I am through MissParkerTV. Though, it’s a small portion of who I really am. I have not shared the rest of me yet.

#2:  What do you think is the most important thing that you feel all women should possess and feel good about?

All women should feel good about what God gave them. Talents, gifts, and the privilege to be a woman. We sometimes overlook those simple yet complex things.

#3:  You are a mother of a 5 year-old boy. How do you balance your motherly duties as well as  your entertainment career?


Geeze. Where do I start? My boy is a talented individual and I think that’s where I hone my balancing skills. I say that because I taught him to understand that mommy has to work. He understands that my work is getting in front of the camera, or writing an article. But as a 5 year old — patience is not a virtue and he wants to play. It’s funny because there are times when all he wants me to do is watch him play a skateboarding game, so I can check out his cool tricks and I have my computer or phone. He tells me, “Mommy, no phones!” It’s a rule now for sure. And I’m okay with that.

#4:  MissParkerTV has become extremely successful on YouTube since you started the channel about a year ago (If I am not mistaken).  What are some of the most memorable vlog posts you have done (past or present)?

Oh man, I was just watching some of my videos a few days ago. I realized how much I’ve grown and how much of a slightly different direction things have gone. Some of my most memorable videos would be the ones I made with my good friend, Deshawn Raw and hosting Kendrick Lamar’s show.

#5: You are a woman of many talents. You are a model, mentor, radio host, event planner, interviewer, vlogger, blogger, actress, and dancer. Out those nine talents that you can do extremely well, which four do you feel stand out to you in representing who you are?

This is a good question because I’ve struggled with this. I can definitely say that acting, dancing and blogging really hold me in another place.

#6:  You are also an AMBW spokesperson. For those that don’t know what AMBW means, could you explain the acronym and also share what your spokesperson duties consist of.

Alright, so to those that don’t know, AMBW means Asian Men, Black Women. I don’t know if I’d called myself a spokesperson. LOL. I mean, I have this underlying desire to really see the world flourish and people date who they want to date. But for me, I’ve created awareness to other black women who’ve wanted to take a dip in that water. Now, I’m happily married, my husband is Filipino and I guess you could say we both advocates but in a very indirect way.

#7:  List 5 random facts you haven’t shared that your fans may be surprised to know.


Five random facts, here we go.

1. I used to be a mail lady.  Yes drove and delivered mail.

2. I’m obsessed with big butts. It’s just a thing I have, don’t judge me. LOL

3. I think I’m boring.

4. I have alter egos and I can’t wait to introduce them to you guys.

5. I have 3 last names, well actually 4 now that I’m married.

I think that’s random enough. LOL

#8: What are five things currently that you are totally obsessed with and why?

1. Shoes because I’m turning 25 and I think I’m having a quarter life crisis. I just want lots of heels.

2. Ciara’s ‘Body Party’ I love anything sampled.

3. Business, lately I’ve been adding on to the MissParker brand and helping others brand themselves.

4. Writing — I cannot tell you why but you will be in for a treat!

5. I’m currently reading this book called ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’ it’s a total mess and I love it.

#9:  Where do you see yourself in your career 10 years down the line?

Completely expanding my brand. There are no limits on what God can do. What I’m doing now, is definitely going to get me there.

#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers or your fans about any upcoming events to look out for?

First, I’d like to say, these are not my fans but their my friends. My VISIONISTAS! I am so happy to call them that! I have been writing — a lot. And I want them to be surprised.

I would like to thank Brittney for allowing me to interview her. She is truly an inspiration for young women everywhere. I think there is a little Visionista in all of us. I love the fact that she supports and encourages other women in the entertainment industry. If there is one thing that is needed among women nowadays is unity. Not only for women in the entertainment industry, but all women around the world. Much love, respect, and success to you Miss. Parker.
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Stay classy, Homies and Visionistas ^_^