Hello Ladies: Handsome Model Michael Sungjo Ju

The handsome young lad you see before you is Michael Sungjo Ju. The 19 year old New York City native is a model. So you may think to yourself: “Ashley, why did you title this blog post ‘Hello Ladies’ for this handsome guy? I guess the picture above of him just screams that. Plus I was just using my awesome imagination to come up with a cool title. Its a cool title to sum up this whole interview right? Michael shares with me how he started modeling, what he looks for in woman, and other interesting facts. Enjoy!
#1: When did you start getting into modeling and when did you decide that this was something that you wanted to pursue?
I got into modeling because I grew up always admiring other models. It was something that I saw glamourous. I was never a kid who was popular and I guess my insecurities made me want to chase this lifestyle. It’s not a healthy approach to modeling, but now that I am modeling it is something I enjoy. I don’t know how to explain on why I enjoy modeling but I do.
#2: What are the most challenging and rewarding things about modeling you believe based on your own experience?
The most challenging thing about modeling is about how I constantly have to be on point of my body and my face. I enjoy eating foods that aren’t considered healthy but I guess it’s all worth it in the end when I pose in front of a camera. 
The most rewarding thing is my accomplishment. I feel proud of what I became considering what I was back in high school. I grew up with eczema all over my body, so to see that I have come this far by clearing my body of the skin disorder, as well as becoming fit is by far the most rewarding outcome for me.
#3: Who are some of the most important people in your life who you admire?
The most important people in my life are the ones who stuck by my side when I attended Valley Forge Military Academy and College. When I was in there, I guess you can say, I was going through a tremendous stage of finding out who I truly was. The family I made in that school are the most important because they made me who I am today along with my parents.
#4: What are some misconceptions people have about modeling that are not true?
The misconceptions are both true and false just as how there is some pro’s and con’s in everything such as stereotypes for different races. Some are true in certain individuals and some are not. In the end it’s about who is willing to work harder in the industry.
#5: Share five facts about you that your fans may be surprised to know.

5. a. I grew up with ezcema when I was a child. It was an extreme case where it covered my body and face.

5. b. I have been constantly told I was worth nothing. But I worked hard and I proved them all wrong. Don’t listen to what others tell you!

5. c. The Asian stereotypes for a man’s penis does not apply to me.

5. d. I am fascinated by anything that involves law enforcement such as crime scenes, criminals, etc. I always wanted to be part of the law.

5. e. I have a passion for dancing but I never got around to it. I enjoy all types of choreography from ballet to break dancing. It looks so beautiful to me when people can move to music and create a moving image.

#6: You are a single man if I am not mistaken. So what are some characteristics you look for in a woman that makes you attracted to her?
Me personally growing up, I was always judged. As you know I have never been “popular” or even considered cute in my past until recently once I went through the changes of becoming better. All I look for is personality. I don’t go by looks but instead if you work hard, smile, and stay humble then most likely I will end up in your bed asking you to be mine.
#7: If you could pick 5 to 10 songs to represent the “Soundtrack of your life” which would they be? Explain why.
All of Eminem’s music. He speaks about life and the struggles he went through and overcame. I can relate to all of his music and feel exactly what he feels. His music represents my life and the lyrics resemble what I have been through and overcame.
#8: Random Question: Boxers or Briefs? You can explain why if you would like.
I prefer briefs. I just always wore them and I just feel more comfortable in them. I guess briefs provide a sense of protection for my ***** unlike boxers where my ***** has so much room to bounce all around.
Side Note: I think he prefers briefs for comfort of his man package. That’s my only assumption from the bleeps he provided.
#9: Where do you see yourself and your modeling career 10 years from now?
As of right now, I am more concentrated on my education. My dream was always to become a lawyer, but becoming a model was my dream as well. Hopefully 10 years from now, I can be modeling for famous brands such as Calvin Klein and Dolce Gabbana. Only time will tell. I know with my work ethic I can achieve much more than I already have.
#10: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you would like to share with the readers or your fans?
An upcoming project might be me creating my own YouTube channel ranting about whatever I feel is important to be discussed. I just want to spread my knowledge so that you can truly become whatever your heart really wants. It’s something I can’t stress enough to people. As of right now though, there are no projects or events that I have planned. I am too concentrated on school, but in the future I definitely will.
I would like to thank Michael for allowing me to interview him. I wish nothing but happiness and success on his future endeavors. Michael is actually the first model I ever interviewed. I am appreciative of that. Its always nice to accomplish firsts here at The AshNerdStar Report. I think Michael can easily be a lawyer and also a model. I really don’t think that has ever been done before. That would be awesome!
Here are some links to check him out and follow:
Twitter: @msungjujo – https://twitter.com/msungjujo
You can have more than one dream. Heck you have as many dreams as you want. As long as you try to pursue some of those dreams, life will prove more exciting to you with no regrets. You may wonder who said that? I just made that quote up on the spot. Cool huh?
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

Welcome to the Bigbake Show

Anthony Baker aka Bigbake is not only a hip-hop artist, but he is the CEO/Co-Founder of Smokngunz Records. So I can only take a guess that he has the best of both worlds. Being an talented artist and molding other talented artists who love hip-hop just as much as he does. You may be wondering how did Anthony got his nickname of “Bigbake.” It actually came from his football and wrestling days in high school. Cool nickname huh?
The Saginaw, Michigan native has been laying down tracks and spitting rhymes for quite some time now. I had a chance to interview him to find out more about how his true love for hip-hop began, how Smokngunz Records became to be, and how his lyrical style sets him apart from other hip-hop artists.

#1:  When was the specific time in your life you fell in love with hip-hop and made a decision about pursuing a music career?

In 1996, I bought Twista’s “Adrenaline Rush”. This is what inspired me to start a musical career. It started out as poetry and morphed into hip-hop once I met my click (The Smokngunz) in the U.S. Army.

#2:  You are the CEO and Co-Founder of Smokngunz Records. Can you give a little background history of how the record label was created? What do you think is the most prominent factor that has helped the record label last this long? 

The Smokngunz was started in the barracks of 2-44 ADA in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Alexander Smith III (Smoke Digga), Haywood Clark (Wood District), and myself, Anthony Baker, Jr. (Bigbake) would have cyphers. Smoke Digga originally had the name for a group that he was rapping with earlier but they never used it. We like it so it stuck with us.

#3:  Who were some of your most important musical influences growing up? 

Music is my drug. I have kept it going on my own. Wood District is now a gospel singer and Smoke Digga is a family man. I just couldn’t give it up. I would do music for free if I would be able to live and prosper as well. I listened to music more than I watched television as a child. My mom used to blast Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, All of the Jacksons (together and apart LOL), Whitney Houston, and so many more. My father was more into bands. He played the guitar in a band when I was a child. Through him I listened to Prince, Maserati, The Gap Band etc. As I got older I listened to N.W.A., Rob Base, Salt-N-Pepa, Too $hort, Twista, Outkast, Tela, and waaayyy to many more artists to name. I have always been a music head.

#4:  Do you remember the very first hip-hop song you ever wrote? If so can you share what it was about?

The first song I wrote when I figured out that music would be my journey was called “A Nigga Like Me.” It was pretty much about a paranoid soldier’s thoughts in the military. It was very angry.

#5: What many elements do you think that current hip-hop artists are missing from their music right now?

Before the era of Kendrick Lamar and cast ( J Cole, Wale, etc.) I felt that the game was in a state of no substance. Drake opened that door again with the more sensitive rap, which was an ingenious move, then Kendrick Lamar blew the doors down. Now me are (rap is) more conscious again.

#6:  How would you describe your sound in four words? Explain the reason you picked each of those words.


My sound in four words:  Real, Militant, Truth, and Raw.

Real because it isn’t loosely based on my life, its what was happening at that point in my life.

Militant because I like to preach a lot, give directives and examples.

Truth because it is true LOL.

Raw because before the Drakes, Kendrick Lamars, and a few others, people wouldn’t say the things I say.

#7:  You have a blog on Tumblr (The Official Smokngunz Records Blog).  Explain what information you have on the blog site.

http://bigbake01.tumblr.com/ is raw and random at the moment. It will be informative about the movements of my associates and I. LOL (don’t judge me)

#8:  What gives you the most inspiration when you create lyrical content to your music?

Life gives me all of my inspiration. If I feel like being faithful or in love, that’s what I write about. If I feel like hopping in these streets and getting back to the grind, that’s what my music will focus on.

#9: What does the future hold for Smokngunz Records and Bigbake in the next 10 years?

I will be signing a few artists and releasing projects in the next 1 to 2 years. More signing at first. We will continue to be global. I will continue to push what we already have on the networks now, and simply grow and develop.

#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers or your fans about any upcoming events to look out for?

You can check out the two singles that we already released:

Bigbake feat. Truth B. Told – “Hustler’s Anthem” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hustlers-anthem-feat.-truth/id604365673)

Bigbake – “Next Level” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/next-level-single/id590788950)

You can hit me up on ALL of the social media sites @bigbake01 (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

Thanks Bigbake for allowing me to interview you. I appreciate it. I also want to salute him for serving our country in the Armed Forces and protecting us back at home. Much love and respect for that.
Listed below are links to check out Bigbake’s music as well as his blog site on Tumblr.
Official Smokngunz Records blog on Tumblr: http://bigbake01.tumblr.com/
Bigbake’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/bigbake01
Bigbake’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealBigbake
If any artists are in need of getting digital distribution check out the ANB Distribution website: http://www.anbdistribution.com/
Again, you can also follow him on Twitter: @bigbake01
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

Its Been Awhile: Upcoming Posts & Updates


Hey Homies ^_^

I know it has been awhile since I have posted on both blog sites (Here and on Tumblr). I just wanted to let y’all know what I am going to be working on as well as making a minor change to the blog feature line-up.

The Upcoming Blog Posts that I posted way back on July 24th (so long ago) are still going to be posted. The only one that will not be posted is the “Ask AshNerdStar.” No one really sent any questions to me so that blog feature will be canceled until further notice.

The blog features that will still be part of the blog are:

YouNowWhatReally GrindsMyGears 

AshNerdStar’s Quotes of the Week

Interviews – More about that in a bit.

AshleyNerdStar Five Favorite Things 

I am posting Interviews for a little bit. Just so I can get back up and running. I know I have been slacking. I apologize. I will do: The Female Peter Pan and Girl Wonda: The Super Girl with the Dope Beats probably next week or so. I canned the Aaron Herandez and Miley Cyrus posts because I really don’t have the mental energy to write about them.

So I will post 4 interviews a week until I get caught up with all of them.

I hope you enjoy ^_^. Please comment or like the posts I write. It would mean a lot. Your feedback will help me be a better writer.

Stay Classy, Homies

The AshNerdStar Report Blog Features

Super Powers

Hey you awesome beautiful people you! Since I am working my butt off making sure to post the best blog posts around for your reading pleasure, I wanted to make a few changes. So I present to you, ladies and gents *Drumroll Please* the new and improved blog feature list for The AshNerdStar Report!


I will be posting interviews featuring some really cool talented people. The interviews will include: musicians, singers, actors/actresses, photographers, comedians, artists, YouTubers, poets, people who are doing awesome things in the community, and more.  I decided to do this because I want to show what they love to do with others so they can check out their stuff. It’s always good to showcase other people’s talents to help inspire others who are pursuing their own dreams.

If you are interested in being interviewed you can email me at ashleynerdstar@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter @AshleyNerdStar, or message me on The AshNerdStar Report page on Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/AshNerdStarReport).

You Know What Grinds My Gears

This is pretty much the only one that I kept from the past blog features list. The idea for this blog feature came from Family Guy.  Remember the episode, “Stewie B. Goode” from season four? Peter was at the LackLuster Video Store looking to score some porn to take home and watch. Then the sales clerk told him that they don’t sell porn in anymore. Peter started giving a rant about how the video store stopped selling porn.  The loveable news anchor from Channel 5 News, Tom Tucker who also was trying to score some porn overheard Peter’s awesome rant. Tom liked it so much that he gave Peter a daily news segment called: “You Know Really Grinds My Gears” where he rants about general things that irritate him.  So I decided to rant about things in the news or in general that really irritate me.  It’s kind of like an opportunity to vent out my frustrations in a healthy manner.

AshNerdStar’s Five Favorite Things

I list the top five things that are my favorite at the moment. It could range from movies, music, clothes, food, sports, quotes, and more. I just want to spread some cool things that I love with you guys.

AshNerdStar’s Quotes of the Week

I share at least five or six quotes that are really dope. Good quotes that make you laugh or think about. I guess you can say that I am a bit of a quote nerd ^_^.

Ask AshNerdStar

This is your opportunity to ask me questions.  They can be questions dealing with advice or in general. You can tweet your question to me @LadyAshNerdStar using the hashtag #AskAshleyNerdStar, send me a message on Tumblr, or through The AshNerdStar Report page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AshNerdStarReport). In the event that no one gives me questions to answer, I will just either look for good questions to answer.

So there you have it! This will be the format of the entire blog. Random blog posts will always be posted about things that I am excited to share and write about.  I hope you will enjoy!

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Hey my name is AshleyNerdStar. And this is my brief story of how a girl from Saginaw, Michigan gave birth to something creatively special. Follow me if you will on this journey through the art of storytelling.

On November of 2011, I had a dream. I had a dream of creating one of the most interesting blogs in the history of my own mind. So the “AshNerdStar Hip-Hop Music Blog” was born. The blog initially focused on Hip-Hop music and culture. Readers of the blog liked it very much. In August of that same year, I stopped writing blog posts completely. Okay, I’ll be honest with you all. I was slacking. I procrastinated. I became a little bit overwhelmed. Why? Maybe I was afraid of just pushing myself into making this blog a big success as time progressed. Maybe I was just afraid of my own abilities. But I made a solemn vow to myself, that I would return, and keep writing no matter what.

So during the time of me taking a break, I had so many awesome ideas flowing through my big head of mine. I changed the blog name from “AshNerdStar Hip-Hop Music Blog” to “The AshNerdStar Report.” Why you may ask? I shall gladly tell you my fellow homies. The first reason I changed it was because I felt like the blog posts I was doing was in “reporting to the masses” format. I felt I was sharing content that I thought was cool in an interesting and constructive manner. The second reason why I changed the name was because I was really tired of saying “AshNerdStar Hip-Hop Music Blog.” It was too long. Third reason of why I changed the name because “The AshNerdStar Report” sounded pretty darn catchy.

About six months, ago I stumbled on this social networking site called “YouNow.” The website is a magical world where you can broadcast live and share your many talents to complete strangers. It allows you to interact and meet people in a cool way. Ah, the joys of the internet. One of my good friends Belle Bee (AKA Baby Mama) told me about this Cover Song Contest they were having. Yes ladies and gentlemen I can sing. I went on the website a few days before the open call of the contest to check it out. I have never heard of YouNow until Belle told me about it. Thought it was pretty cool. The open call for the contest took place a few days after that. I managed to make it to the semi-finals and then to the finals. Unfortunately I didn’t win the contest. I finished in the top eight out of over a thousand or more singers who participated.

After the Cover Song Contest had ended, I was invited to broadcast on the Featured Channel for about a week. During that time I really enjoyed broadcasting. There are people who actually became fans of me. Can you believe that?!?! Me! Apparently I don’t bore them when I broadcast just talking about random stuff or singing. So I made up my mind to keep coming on YouNow. Now I broadcast quite frequently on the website. I have also met and talked to so many cool talented people. Now my story transitions to the present. I hope that I have not lost you. If I have well I will write the Cliff Notes version of this story at a later date.

As I stated before, I have met so many interesting, cool, and talented people on YouNow. A few weeks ago, I started thinking how great it would be to interview and write blog posts about them. I wanted to promote what they love to do and why they share their talents so others can love it too. In addition to those interviews I also wanted to talk about all kinds of music that I am into. I am still going to talk about hip-hop, sneakers and other dope things I love. Don’t worry. I guess I just wanted to expand my writing horizons and discuss about many different things.

My dream job is still the same. I would like to be an entertainment magazine writer. It would be cool to interview musicians, actors, photographers, in addition to doing music, TV show, and movie reviews. Maybe dab into a little bit of opinion pieces here and there. I feel that this is my calling. So I wanted to re-ignite my passion for writing and keep that sum bitch fired up! I hope you all will join in this journey with me. Because it is always good for others to support your own dreams to take flight and at the same time help with theirs.

That ends my reintroduction of why I wanted to make a fresh start with this blog.

That I shall leave you with this quote for you to ponder upon:

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” — Jessie Owens

If you don’t know who Jessie Owens is, Google it.

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

Additional Note: I still have the blog on Tumblr, but I decided to make one on here to gain more followers.