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This lovely young lady’s name is Stormie Harrelson. Stormie hails from Midlothian, Texas. Her hometown of Midlothian is about 30 minutes away from Dallas. It is also about 3 hours from Houston and 4 hours away from San Antonio. Her love and talent is photography. It has been that for quite sometime. Stormie’s love for photography gives her the ability to capture awesome memories for people to cherish forever. Stormie was kind enough to share with me about how her love of photography began, what photography means to her, and other awesome facts in this interview.

#1:  How did your love of photography began?

It started when I was really little. Probably around 5 or 6 years old. My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old, so me and my sister stayed at our grandparents a lot. My grandma always had a camera around the house. She would take pictures all the time. I remember seeing everyone smile and saying, “cheese” while she hit the button. I’ve had some really hard times, but who hasn’t? It’s life and that’s just how it goes. My dad passed away when I was 14, so I always look back at old picture albums. It makes me feel better because they hold some great memories. So my love for photography is really strong and I always have a camera around my neck. That way I never miss a shot.

#2: How would describe your photography work in five words? What would they be and why?


Genuine – Nothing is fake. Everything in my pictures are real. Real people, real emotions, real life.

Candid – Most of my shots are not posed.

Colorful – I like to have a lot of color in the picture. Most of my photo shoots are done when the sun is setting, so I can have a colorful background.

Treasurable – Hopefully, they can keep this picture for a long time.

Passionate – All my work comes from the heart and my love for what I’m doing.


#3:  What inspires you in capturing lasting photographic memories?

I think of my family and friends that I see in my photo albums or on my bedroom walls. Their emotions are so real and I want to capture that for anyone who wants me to take their pictures. I don’t want them to come across as fake or too posed.

#4: What photography style do you like using the most: Portrait or Landscape?

That’s a hard question haha — because I love doing it all! If I had to choose probably portrait. It’s more fun shooting people than a sunset.

#5:  Share five facts about you that people may be surprised to know.


#1: I love watching any kind of show or movie with zombies or vampires in it.

#2: I used to be really into wrestling. The kind on TV. My favorite wrestler was the Undertaker.

#3: I love pasta.

#4: When I feel stressed, I go for a walk outside. That always calms me down.

#5: Lastly, I still own a night light. I’m 22 and I’m still afraid of the dark. Not sure if that’s sad or funny. Probably both — Haha

#6: Why do you feel that photography is one of purest and most impactful art there is?

No one can recreate a photograph. They can try, but it won’t be the same. It’s impactful because a picture can make you feel so many different emotions. Whether it’s sadness or happiness. Just like if you were listening to a song on the radio.

#7:  Is there a particular photo shoot you did that was memorable for you?

I did a photo shoot of my best friend at her house back in April. We had so much fun just taking pictures and running around her backyard. She lives in the country, so we got some beautiful shots.

#8: Ansel Adams says, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” Do you believe this statement?


Yes, a good photograph is what it is. It stands alone. You know when you got a good shot.

#9: Where do you see yourself in your photography career in 10 years down the line?

I honestly don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, let alone my photography career. I just hope that I’m still doing it. I would love it, if I was working for a popular magazine/newspaper or just having my own business.

#10:  Where can people see your work or contact you if they want to use your services?

I have a Facebook page they can contact me on, if they want me to take pictures for them. It’s

I would like to thank Stormie for allowing me to interview her. She has an awesome talent. I wish her much success with it. If you would like to check out some of Stormie’s other awesome photography work, here is her Instagram page: (Follow her ^_^)
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