Artist Showcase: Tony Bridgewater

I want to share with you guys some awesome artwork that Tony did.  I am going to show you 9 drawings I think are dope. Plus a special drawing he did for me that is really cool ^_^.

#1:  Got To Go Comic Strip – About a ninja who was trying to make a kill. But then nature calls.
Gotta Go
#2: AB (Anthony Bridgewater) – His initials.
#3: Dope Demon Drawing
#4: Awesome Warrior Robot Drawing. I think its a comic book or anime character. I can’t quite remember his name of the character he did. It kind of looks like Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. That is my only guess.
Awesome Warrior Robot
#5: Pretty Sexy Lady Drawing
Pretty Sexy Lady
#6: Here is some computer art for you. Tony created an awesome piece of Iron Man.
#7: Coast Guard Graphic. Pretty Cool!
Coast Guard
#8: Awesome graphic Tony created involving the popular shooting video game Doom.
#9: This video game themed graphic he created is pretty dope  ^_^.  Looking at it reminds me of the music group Daft Punk.
Dope Pic
My Personal Favorite:  Bumblebee is one of my favorite Transformer characters. I bugged Tony quite a bit for him to draw it. And he did. It turned out awesome!
So those are some of the many great artworks of Tony Bridgewater. I would like to thank him for allowing me to share some of his artwork with y’all.  I hope you enjoyed looking at them!!!
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^