Hello Ladies: Handsome Model Michael Sungjo Ju

The handsome young lad you see before you is Michael Sungjo Ju. The 19 year old New York City native is a model. So you may think to yourself: “Ashley, why did you title this blog post ‘Hello Ladies’ for this handsome guy? I guess the picture above of him just screams that. Plus I was just using my awesome imagination to come up with a cool title. Its a cool title to sum up this whole interview right? Michael shares with me how he started modeling, what he looks for in woman, and other interesting facts. Enjoy!
#1: When did you start getting into modeling and when did you decide that this was something that you wanted to pursue?
I got into modeling because I grew up always admiring other models. It was something that I saw glamourous. I was never a kid who was popular and I guess my insecurities made me want to chase this lifestyle. It’s not a healthy approach to modeling, but now that I am modeling it is something I enjoy. I don’t know how to explain on why I enjoy modeling but I do.
#2: What are the most challenging and rewarding things about modeling you believe based on your own experience?
The most challenging thing about modeling is about how I constantly have to be on point of my body and my face. I enjoy eating foods that aren’t considered healthy but I guess it’s all worth it in the end when I pose in front of a camera. 
The most rewarding thing is my accomplishment. I feel proud of what I became considering what I was back in high school. I grew up with eczema all over my body, so to see that I have come this far by clearing my body of the skin disorder, as well as becoming fit is by far the most rewarding outcome for me.
#3: Who are some of the most important people in your life who you admire?
The most important people in my life are the ones who stuck by my side when I attended Valley Forge Military Academy and College. When I was in there, I guess you can say, I was going through a tremendous stage of finding out who I truly was. The family I made in that school are the most important because they made me who I am today along with my parents.
#4: What are some misconceptions people have about modeling that are not true?
The misconceptions are both true and false just as how there is some pro’s and con’s in everything such as stereotypes for different races. Some are true in certain individuals and some are not. In the end it’s about who is willing to work harder in the industry.
#5: Share five facts about you that your fans may be surprised to know.

5. a. I grew up with ezcema when I was a child. It was an extreme case where it covered my body and face.

5. b. I have been constantly told I was worth nothing. But I worked hard and I proved them all wrong. Don’t listen to what others tell you!

5. c. The Asian stereotypes for a man’s penis does not apply to me.

5. d. I am fascinated by anything that involves law enforcement such as crime scenes, criminals, etc. I always wanted to be part of the law.

5. e. I have a passion for dancing but I never got around to it. I enjoy all types of choreography from ballet to break dancing. It looks so beautiful to me when people can move to music and create a moving image.

#6: You are a single man if I am not mistaken. So what are some characteristics you look for in a woman that makes you attracted to her?
Me personally growing up, I was always judged. As you know I have never been “popular” or even considered cute in my past until recently once I went through the changes of becoming better. All I look for is personality. I don’t go by looks but instead if you work hard, smile, and stay humble then most likely I will end up in your bed asking you to be mine.
#7: If you could pick 5 to 10 songs to represent the “Soundtrack of your life” which would they be? Explain why.
All of Eminem’s music. He speaks about life and the struggles he went through and overcame. I can relate to all of his music and feel exactly what he feels. His music represents my life and the lyrics resemble what I have been through and overcame.
#8: Random Question: Boxers or Briefs? You can explain why if you would like.
I prefer briefs. I just always wore them and I just feel more comfortable in them. I guess briefs provide a sense of protection for my ***** unlike boxers where my ***** has so much room to bounce all around.
Side Note: I think he prefers briefs for comfort of his man package. That’s my only assumption from the bleeps he provided.
#9: Where do you see yourself and your modeling career 10 years from now?
As of right now, I am more concentrated on my education. My dream was always to become a lawyer, but becoming a model was my dream as well. Hopefully 10 years from now, I can be modeling for famous brands such as Calvin Klein and Dolce Gabbana. Only time will tell. I know with my work ethic I can achieve much more than I already have.
#10: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you would like to share with the readers or your fans?
An upcoming project might be me creating my own YouTube channel ranting about whatever I feel is important to be discussed. I just want to spread my knowledge so that you can truly become whatever your heart really wants. It’s something I can’t stress enough to people. As of right now though, there are no projects or events that I have planned. I am too concentrated on school, but in the future I definitely will.
I would like to thank Michael for allowing me to interview him. I wish nothing but happiness and success on his future endeavors. Michael is actually the first model I ever interviewed. I am appreciative of that. Its always nice to accomplish firsts here at The AshNerdStar Report. I think Michael can easily be a lawyer and also a model. I really don’t think that has ever been done before. That would be awesome!
Here are some links to check him out and follow:
Twitter: @msungjujo – https://twitter.com/msungjujo
You can have more than one dream. Heck you have as many dreams as you want. As long as you try to pursue some of those dreams, life will prove more exciting to you with no regrets. You may wonder who said that? I just made that quote up on the spot. Cool huh?
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

Joselann Ausby: AMBWP♥ Administrator Seeing No Color with Love and Relationships

Joselann Ausby, is the Administrator of a Facebook group called, “AMBWP♥.” The North Carolina resident, but Maryland native, created the Facebook group in 2011. AMBWP♥’s sole purpose is to “empower newbies, influence AMBW virgins, and allow AMBW oldies to share their experiences.” AMBWP♥ notes in the information section about the group that “Not only they encourage interactions between Asian Men and Black Women, but they also support others through relations (whether good or bad) online and offline.” The also helps group members to “gain knowledge that will further help others through AMBW endeavors, and relationships.” Since the group started in 2011, Joselann has hosted AMBWP♥ Meet-Ups and other events. In addition to that she has also launched a website for AMBWP♥, continuing to spread the message of positivity through interracial relationships. Joselann shares how she started the group, the AMBWP♥ website, and what she sees in the future for both endeavors.
Please read, learn, and enjoy ^_^.
#1: You are an administrator of a group on Facebook called, “AMBWP♥.” Can you share a little bit about what the acronym stands for and the overall purpose of the group in general? 
AMBWP = Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion
AMBWP is not your typical AMBW group. We have the P and it stands for persuasion. AMBWP is open to all races whose persuasion is Asian men and Black women.
Thru everything that I do online and offline, I promote Black women and Asian men to not be afraid, to look at all your options and not limit yourself. Don’t limit yourself in who you love, your friendships, and your cultural experiences. Everything you do and everyone you meet impacts your life.
#2: What made you become interested in starting and running the group? Explain how AMBWP♥ was born how it was and presented to the masses.
The group was created in 2011. At first it was created as a hobby just to pass the time. I never thought I would do much with it because it was something online. As time went on it opened my eyes to so many different experiences, good and bad. Every experience I gained pushed me forward. So in 2012, I wanted to set AMBWP apart from the rest so I began to host meet-ups offline. Majority of people fear meeting people offline because they are scared of all the unknowns. The meet-ups broke down those fears by giving people a safe environment to come together and mingle. They also don’t have to fear meeting somebody new by themselves because they are meeting in a group.
#3: Why do you feel interracial relationships should be celebrated and recognized instead, of being criticized and judged upon?
Interracial relationships should be celebrated because they are beautiful. They are the product of individuals loving each other and looking beyond color or race and a lot of times religion.
#4: What do you love most about the AMBWP♥ group on Facebook?
I love the Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion group on Facebook because they are one of the most accepting groups out there. We don’t have the drama and the individuals in my group love to interact and have fun. We do have those few trolls that like to lurk… but they are taken care of with a simple click.
#5: A few months ago the AMBWP♥ website was launched (www.ambwp.com) to bring even more people into the AMBW community. Can you tell me about the website and how it sets apart from the Facebook group?
Right now the website is up and coming. It’s a way to connect individuals who normally do not get on Facebook to our events. We will have a forum and chat room that you can access from online and from any mobile device by Summer of 2014 and an interactive forum. This will give more people a chance from around the world to interact and share experiences.
#6: What is the most irritating question someone has asked you regarding the AMBW community and relationships? Explain why.
 I know this answer will burn a few people and upset them. But it needs to be said.
Irritating Question 1: Can you hook me up with  K-Pop / K-Drama looking men?
Answer: That is fantasy and make-up.
Irritating Question 2: Can you hook me up with a Korean man or Japanese man?
Answer: You shouldn’t limit yourself to just “1 type of Asian man.” There are more nationalities of Asians that you might think about. Also, a lot of those men that you think are one nationality of Asian may turn out to be something totally different. You should focus on the person and not the nationality.
Asian Countries Reference: http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words/countries_as.htm (Good link to check out ^_^)
#7: You host AMBWP♥ meet-ups in different cities around the country where others can interact, mingle, and have fun socializing with each other. What is the process in putting one of those meet-ups together?
Yes, I do host AMBWP Meet-ups in different cities around the country. They are a lot of work. More than what most people know. Buttttttt, I can’t give out my secrets. 😉
#8: If you could describe both the AMBWP♥ Facebook group and the website in 5 words, what would they be and why?
Everyday it’s growing and evolving.
#9: Where do you see yourself, the AMBWP♥ Facebook group, AMBWP♥ website, and AMBW community in the next 5 to 10 years down the line?
To be honest, I don’t know. The community has grown so much in the last couple of years that it’s hard to make a prediction. The goal of AMBWP is to push forward the movement of loving without boundaries.
#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers about any upcoming events to look out for?
We do have our Annual New Year’s Eve Bash coming up December 30-31, 2013 in Atlanta.
Also we just recently had our 2 nd Annual Chicago Meet-up. It is currently the largest and fastest growing meet-up of the year that we host. I try to make it a point to let people know well in advance for the meet-ups so that they can make arrangements to join us.This year at the Chicago Meet-up we had people representing IL, MI, WI, NC, NY, OH, and TX. Also, because Chicago is our biggest event of the year we will be hosting our 1st Loving Day Festival there on June 6- 7, 2014. We will also be introducing Delightful Kiss Maid and Butler Café.
Anybody that wants to be notified when we are currently having a social in the future can just add our profile page: AMBW Persuasion as a friend on Facebook.
I would like to thank Joselann for allowing me to interview her. I really appreciate it.  The AMBWP♥ group is a great success. It has grown so much! Its really awesome to see people doing positive things and promoting positivity through building healthy relationships with people of other races. I wish nothing but love and success with the group along with the website.
If you are interested in joining the AMBWP♥ group on Facebook here is the link for it:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ambwpersuasion/
Here are some other links to check out as well to support Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion to stay up to date with any events they have going on:

Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/ambwpersuasion

Facebook Like: www.facebook.com/AsianMenAndBlackWomenPersuasion

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMBWP

Website: www.ambwp.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ambwplove

Official Merchandise (calendars, bracelets, and more): www.etsy.com/shop/AMBWP


Love is love. No matter what color. So instead of bashing others who have found it with someone outside of their race, let’s start to embrace it. More love, less war. That would make the world more peaceful.
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

Brittney Parker, Keeping the Visionista Movement Alive


Meet Brittney Parker. Model. Mentor. Vlogger. Actress. Wife. Mother. Visionista. For those of you who don’t know what a “Visionista” is Brittney defines it as the “act of power sensing with the eyes, mind, and heart. A driven woman with ambition, talent, and skill. All with a strut in her step.” I guess if I put myself in this category I would call myself a “Nerdy Visionista.”

This California native (now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada) has been working hard for years achieving her own dreams while inspiring others to do so. Her YouTube Channel “MissParker TV” has over 7,600 subscribers.  Her Facebook page of the same name has over 700 likes. Oh I almost forgot, she has over 2,100 followers on her Twitter as well. How does this beautiful, strong, and ambitious woman does it?
Brittney took some time from her busy schedule to share about how her Visionista movement began and how she’s maintained it as I interviewed her.

#1:  Explain to the readers out there what MissParkerTV is all about.  What makes it unique than the many other YouTube channels that are out there?

MissParkerTV is everything I’ve ever wanted to capture. It’s unique because with the all the talent on Youtube, I have many opportunities to share who I am through MissParkerTV. Though, it’s a small portion of who I really am. I have not shared the rest of me yet.

#2:  What do you think is the most important thing that you feel all women should possess and feel good about?

All women should feel good about what God gave them. Talents, gifts, and the privilege to be a woman. We sometimes overlook those simple yet complex things.

#3:  You are a mother of a 5 year-old boy. How do you balance your motherly duties as well as  your entertainment career?


Geeze. Where do I start? My boy is a talented individual and I think that’s where I hone my balancing skills. I say that because I taught him to understand that mommy has to work. He understands that my work is getting in front of the camera, or writing an article. But as a 5 year old — patience is not a virtue and he wants to play. It’s funny because there are times when all he wants me to do is watch him play a skateboarding game, so I can check out his cool tricks and I have my computer or phone. He tells me, “Mommy, no phones!” It’s a rule now for sure. And I’m okay with that.

#4:  MissParkerTV has become extremely successful on YouTube since you started the channel about a year ago (If I am not mistaken).  What are some of the most memorable vlog posts you have done (past or present)?

Oh man, I was just watching some of my videos a few days ago. I realized how much I’ve grown and how much of a slightly different direction things have gone. Some of my most memorable videos would be the ones I made with my good friend, Deshawn Raw and hosting Kendrick Lamar’s show.

#5: You are a woman of many talents. You are a model, mentor, radio host, event planner, interviewer, vlogger, blogger, actress, and dancer. Out those nine talents that you can do extremely well, which four do you feel stand out to you in representing who you are?

This is a good question because I’ve struggled with this. I can definitely say that acting, dancing and blogging really hold me in another place.

#6:  You are also an AMBW spokesperson. For those that don’t know what AMBW means, could you explain the acronym and also share what your spokesperson duties consist of.

Alright, so to those that don’t know, AMBW means Asian Men, Black Women. I don’t know if I’d called myself a spokesperson. LOL. I mean, I have this underlying desire to really see the world flourish and people date who they want to date. But for me, I’ve created awareness to other black women who’ve wanted to take a dip in that water. Now, I’m happily married, my husband is Filipino and I guess you could say we both advocates but in a very indirect way.

#7:  List 5 random facts you haven’t shared that your fans may be surprised to know.


Five random facts, here we go.

1. I used to be a mail lady.  Yes drove and delivered mail.

2. I’m obsessed with big butts. It’s just a thing I have, don’t judge me. LOL

3. I think I’m boring.

4. I have alter egos and I can’t wait to introduce them to you guys.

5. I have 3 last names, well actually 4 now that I’m married.

I think that’s random enough. LOL

#8: What are five things currently that you are totally obsessed with and why?

1. Shoes because I’m turning 25 and I think I’m having a quarter life crisis. I just want lots of heels.

2. Ciara’s ‘Body Party’ I love anything sampled.

3. Business, lately I’ve been adding on to the MissParker brand and helping others brand themselves.

4. Writing — I cannot tell you why but you will be in for a treat!

5. I’m currently reading this book called ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’ it’s a total mess and I love it.

#9:  Where do you see yourself in your career 10 years down the line?

Completely expanding my brand. There are no limits on what God can do. What I’m doing now, is definitely going to get me there.

#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers or your fans about any upcoming events to look out for?

First, I’d like to say, these are not my fans but their my friends. My VISIONISTAS! I am so happy to call them that! I have been writing — a lot. And I want them to be surprised.

I would like to thank Brittney for allowing me to interview her. She is truly an inspiration for young women everywhere. I think there is a little Visionista in all of us. I love the fact that she supports and encourages other women in the entertainment industry. If there is one thing that is needed among women nowadays is unity. Not only for women in the entertainment industry, but all women around the world. Much love, respect, and success to you Miss. Parker.
If you would like to subscribe to Brittney’s YouTube Channel to check out her videos here’s the link to do so : http://www.youtube.com/user/MissParkerTV
You can also like her MissParkerTV Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MissParkerTV
Follow her on Twitter: @heyMissPaarker
She also has a blog on WordPress that you can check out as well :http://www.brittneyparker.com/
Stay classy, Homies and Visionistas ^_^

Emce Damage: The Lyrical Assassin

Joel Perez aka Emce Damage has a lyrical style all his own. His lightening fast flow and creative word play has allowed him to gain a huge fan base. At only 21 (turning 22 on October 20th), the Connecticut native, mixes old school hip-hop with new hip-hop flair creating a sound that is uniquely impressive. Joel’s story of how he evolved into Emce Damage shows how dedicated he is to his craft and focused towards his future as a hip-hop artist.
Please read and enjoy as I interview this very talented young dude.

#1: On your fan page on Facebook, I read that when you were born, you were pronounced dead by the doctor, and your father assisted in delivering you. You miraculously survived. From knowing what took place during your birth, do you believe that you were meant to be here and serve a purpose with your love of music?

Yes I do I feel like I was put on this earth for a great purpose. Music is the only thing that drives me to keep living.

#2:  When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?

When I was about 8 years old, I first took an interest in doing music. I fell in love with it around 12. And then at that moment I knew I was going to do this forever.

#3:  You listed Eminem, Linkin Park, Tech N9ne, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Terror Squad, and Tupac as some of the many musical influences you have.  From those different artists, how does that define and distinguish your sound from the other artists out there?

Those are my main influences.  I think what makes me so different is that I love all kinds of music. That being said I can’t be put in a box with other artists because I love to make music that hasn’t been done yet.

#4:  Do you remember the first rhyme you ever wrote? If so, what was it about?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It had almost a Wu-Tang vibe to it. It was about word play and substance. When I first started really taking it serious, I knew that I wasn’t ready. But over time I was able to express what was really going on in my life.

#5: How did your stage name, Emce Damage come about?

Well the Damage part came from seeing so much at a early age.  It simply came from a refection of the world and how crazed it is. Emce is pretty simple just from being real into the elements of hip hop and a emcee is one of the most important parts of it.

#6:  How do you describe your music for those who have never heard you and would like to check you out?

Mixtape Cover

Well my music is from all angles pretty much. I try to have a lot of music for people to relate to my struggle. When its time to get crazy, I have my moments as well. I really like to focus on flows that never been done as well, but still having real life situations.

#7:  Who are the top 5 artists in the world (living or dead) you would want to work with and why?

In no particular order its Eminem, Big Pun, DMX, Nas, and TuPac.

#8:  What advantages you think artists have being on an independent label as oppose to a major label?

Well being independent has its ups and downs. You have more freedom being indie as oppose to being signed. As far as being signed there may be a bigger range of fans. I don’t think I would ever sign unless it was a fair contract and I wouldn’t have to conform myself by any means.

#9: Where do you see yourself in your music career in 10 years?

I definitely see myself in magazines and bigger opportunities. Maybe even change the radio a bit at that point and make them play something out of the ordinary.

#10: Is there anything you want to share with the readers or your fans about any upcoming events to look out for?

Yeah there is a few things. I’ve been in the works of making bigger moves and I hopefully want everybody to see me on tour soon. I can’t promise anything, but you can always expect great music and music videos. I’m working to make my name a bit bigger as well to be in more of the range of artists I feel I belong up there with. Up there next to the Cryptic Wisdom’s and Jarren Benton’s.

I would like to thank Joel aka Emce Damage for taking time out and allowing me to interview him. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to check out his music on his YouTube Channel, Follow him on Twitter, Listen to his new album, “Angels & Demons” on SoundCloud, and also  look out for new stuff with his crew Choppa Clique.
You can also catch him broadcast live on the Hip-Hip Channel on YouNow when you get a chance:
Here are the links to check Joel’s music and learn of upcoming news on him:
Follow Emce Damage on Twitter: @joelper64385042

SoundCloud – Listen to his new album, “Angels & Demons”: https://soundcloud.com/page-2-emce-damage
Emce Damage - Angels and Demons Album Cover
Emce Damage Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EmceDamage
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^

The AshNerdStar Report Blog Features

Super Powers

Hey you awesome beautiful people you! Since I am working my butt off making sure to post the best blog posts around for your reading pleasure, I wanted to make a few changes. So I present to you, ladies and gents *Drumroll Please* the new and improved blog feature list for The AshNerdStar Report!


I will be posting interviews featuring some really cool talented people. The interviews will include: musicians, singers, actors/actresses, photographers, comedians, artists, YouTubers, poets, people who are doing awesome things in the community, and more.  I decided to do this because I want to show what they love to do with others so they can check out their stuff. It’s always good to showcase other people’s talents to help inspire others who are pursuing their own dreams.

If you are interested in being interviewed you can email me at ashleynerdstar@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter @AshleyNerdStar, or message me on The AshNerdStar Report page on Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/AshNerdStarReport).

You Know What Grinds My Gears

This is pretty much the only one that I kept from the past blog features list. The idea for this blog feature came from Family Guy.  Remember the episode, “Stewie B. Goode” from season four? Peter was at the LackLuster Video Store looking to score some porn to take home and watch. Then the sales clerk told him that they don’t sell porn in anymore. Peter started giving a rant about how the video store stopped selling porn.  The loveable news anchor from Channel 5 News, Tom Tucker who also was trying to score some porn overheard Peter’s awesome rant. Tom liked it so much that he gave Peter a daily news segment called: “You Know Really Grinds My Gears” where he rants about general things that irritate him.  So I decided to rant about things in the news or in general that really irritate me.  It’s kind of like an opportunity to vent out my frustrations in a healthy manner.

AshNerdStar’s Five Favorite Things

I list the top five things that are my favorite at the moment. It could range from movies, music, clothes, food, sports, quotes, and more. I just want to spread some cool things that I love with you guys.

AshNerdStar’s Quotes of the Week

I share at least five or six quotes that are really dope. Good quotes that make you laugh or think about. I guess you can say that I am a bit of a quote nerd ^_^.

Ask AshNerdStar

This is your opportunity to ask me questions.  They can be questions dealing with advice or in general. You can tweet your question to me @LadyAshNerdStar using the hashtag #AskAshleyNerdStar, send me a message on Tumblr, or through The AshNerdStar Report page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AshNerdStarReport). In the event that no one gives me questions to answer, I will just either look for good questions to answer.

So there you have it! This will be the format of the entire blog. Random blog posts will always be posted about things that I am excited to share and write about.  I hope you will enjoy!

Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

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