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The picture you are looking at above my words is Kiara Murray. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native graduated with her Bachelors Degree in English Literature & Language from Grand Valley State University in June 2013. Kiara has three passions: writing, speaking and teaching. I should add a fourth passion to her list: reading. I used to love to read when I was kid. I would get tons of books from the library. My reading love has slowed down. But I want to get back to it.
One of Kiara’s poems that she wrote was published in her university’s yearly literary arts magazine. Kiara shares with me about her three passions, inspirations, favorite books, and the Christian sorority she just joined as I took some time to interview her.
Enjoy ^_^.

#1: Your passions are writing, speaking, and teaching. When did you decide in some way that was the path what you wanted to go into?

I think I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. When I was younger, I’d always want to play “school” with my cousins. I would make up lessons and give them homework. We would really be in a pretend classroom, with discipline and all! LOL
I ended up getting my B.A. in English but decided not to continue with the education degree. Now that I’ve graduated, I think I’m going to go back and get my teaching certificate because I really feel like in a classroom is where I belong!

#2: What inspires you to allow yourself to put your thoughts and words on paper?

I’m the ultimate introvert. I kind of do my own thing. I don’t like small talk and I can definitely explain how I’m feeling when I write it down. I just love to write and read!

#3: Who are some of the most inspirational people in your life that you admire?

I would definitely say my Mom, my grandmother, and my first lady Erica Glenn.

#4: You have a YouTube Channel (KiaraJ007) that has over 1200 subscribers. Can you share what your channel is about? What makes it special than the many other channels that are out there?

You have a YouTube Channel (KiaraJ007) that has over 1200 subscribers. Can you share what your channel is about? Really? It has that many? LOL My channel is basically just about my natural hair journey, I decided to stop putting relaxers in my hair in 2010. I make videos showing how to do different styles, product reviews, and I even vlog about the struggles I’ve had with my hair!

#5: Share five facts about you that people may be surprised to know.

#1: Hmm I’m allergic to milk (I actually just found this out LOL)
#2: I LOVE dolphins
#3: One of my legs is longer than the other (you can’t tell though LOL)
#4: I used to be a cheerleader!
#5: I’m usually quiet, but I have a silly side as well!

#6: Your writing was featured in your college yearly literary arts magazine called, “Fishladder: A Student Journal of Art and Writing.” The poem you wrote entitled, “Last Week (An Elegy for Shane)” was published in the magazine. Can you share what the poem was about and also how you became involved in being a part of that particular publication?

This was such an awesome accomplishment for me. A campus wide email was sent out about the upcoming publication and told students to submit work to be review. I decided to send in 5 poems and this one got chosen! This poem was about a friend of mine Shane Welch who passed away while playing basketball on campus he had a enlarged heart. It was crazy because he had just expressed that he’d had a romantic interest in me a few days earlier. Then he was gone that quickly. It was just really a lot for me to deal with so this poem was a way for me get those feelings out. I’m glad I was able to share it with others! He was such a awesome person I’m glad I was able to know him!

#7: What are some of your favorite books you have read that you would suggest readers of this to check out?

Wow! I could list tons but a few: The Good Life by Trip Lee, The Circle Maker, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and The Hunger Games series LOL.

#8: You were recently inducted into Delta Lambda Christian Sorority. Tell me a little bit about your sorority. How much it means being in an organization of a lifelong sisterhood?

Yes! DLG is a Christian organization of women our main focuses are Souls, Study, Service & Sisterhood. Our goal is empower women through God’s love so that they are able to go out into the world and empower other women. It means so much to be apart of DLG. I’ve literally gained sisters who I can talk with about anything, who continue to build me up in Christ, have hearts for impacting the world, and being about Kingdom Business!

#9: If you would pick ten songs to represent the “Soundtrack of your Life” what would they be and why?

Wow this is really hard because I’ve gone through so many different seasons in my life and each season would have a different soundtrack so I’ll just do a soundtrack of the last few years: 
Israel Houghton- Moving Forward 
J. Moss- I Gave It Up 
Vashawn Mitchell- Nobody Greater 
Israel Houghton- I Receive 
V. Rose- Average Girl 
Andy Mineo- Curious 
Tasha Cobbs- Smile 
Trip Lee- One Sixteen 
Lecrae- Gravity 
Fred Hammond- He Lives

#10:  After you complete your Master’s degree program, what are your future career plans?

Well as I mentioned earlier, I may be putting my master’s degree on hold to go back an get my teaching certificate! But I know God has called me to the field of Education so I know that my career will have something to do with that! But stay tuned!

I would like to thank Kiara for allowing me to interview her. She is a very talented, beautiful, and intelligent young lady. I wish nothing but love, happiness, and success. I am sure that she will be an awesome teacher. Shout out to all the great teachers out there! Keep up the good work! Its true, y’all really deserve raises!
If you would like to follow Kiara on Twitter @kiarajanai ( ^_^).
Also check out her YouTube Channel (Please Subscribe):
Stay Classy, Homies ^_^.

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